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Shaan Bhatia

Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief

Shaan Bhatia is the Online Editor-in-Chief for The Mirror. He is a senior in his second year of publication. Shaan has previously worked on other publications at his previous school as both an editor and a business manager. Outside of school, Shaan continues working on his pilot's license, taking his car for long drives along Pacific Coast Highway, writing for his personal car blog and watching sports. 

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In order to save water, some experts suggest planting drought tolerant plants in gardens.

California is in its most extreme drought in 126 years

Curb your water usage! As of June 1, Californians are being forced to comply with a mandatory reduction on water use or face consequences.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
May 9, 2022

LAUSD will drop indoor mask mandate

Despite 58% of teacher union members in Los Angeles voting to continue the indoor mask mandate, an agreement was reached between the union and the district to go mask-optional in schools.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Mar 20, 2022
Backpack searches: A matter of security or a violation of student privacy?

PRO | CON: Backpack searches

Backpack searches. Are they an effective measure to reducing weapon related violence in schools or a way for school administrators to randomly search your belongings?
By Shaan Bhatia and Ani Tutunjyan
Mar 3, 2022
Senior Jacob Eddy-Watkins receives a medal, along with all other members of the team for making it to the city championships.

BOYS BASKETBALL | Wolves lose to the Unicorns in CIF Championship

Heartbreak. What was once a closely contested game going into half time, became a 15 point deficit by the end of the fourth quarter.
By Shaan Bhatia and Nathan Han
Mar 2, 2022
Destinys layered necklace sold immediately after being posted.

Destiny’s Jewels: The world’s her oyster, she’s the pearl

After discovering their natural skill and craftsmanship in the art of jewelry-making, junior Destiny Reveles has focused on developing and expanding their business in which they sell handcrafted jewelry comprised of silver, gold and everything bold.
By Diana Zalmanov and Shaan Bhatia
Feb 7, 2022
The 2017-18 boys basketball team is one of the most successful teams in school history.

BOYS BASKETBALL | The Wolves are on fire with a four-game win streak

Fresh off another win, the boys basketball team is now on a four-game win streak. One question remains: how far will they go in the postseason?
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jan 31, 2022
Coach Evan Porter showing off his championship ring for basketball.

BASKETBALL | Wolves claw back to win against San Fernando

“This is our first win since Dec. 29, so it feels like a good start to 2022. Andrew Bangs’ six-point run helped put us ahead in the remaining minutes of the game. ”
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jan 21, 2022
NEGATIVE! At-home tests issued by the district are the newest approved form of baseline testing.

At-home covid testing kits now available to students and faculty

Regardless of vaccination status, the district made the decision to require students and faculty who are returning to campus to get a baseline tests covid-19 test from an approved testing side. Alternatively, at-home covid-19 testing kits issued by the district while also now be considered an approved form of testing.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jan 7, 2022
Before turning the page, we reflect on the stories that affected us the most.

The Mirror 2021 | Top Stories

As a year full of controversy, uncertainty and mixed emotions finally ends, lets recap some of the top stories from this past year.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jan 3, 2022
A demonstration by students after the Parkland shooting shocked people across the nation.

We do not feel safe on campus

The way that most schools go about practicing safety is an ineffective and outdated response to an ongoing issue. Lawmakers should take greater action in the aftermath of the shooting in Michigan.
By Kimberly Luna and Shaan Bhatia
Jan 2, 2022
Make sure to study! Students will have two finals everyday for three days!

The final stretch of the semester

Choruses of “good luck” between students can be heard in the hallways
By Shaan Bhatia and Angelina Kanno
Dec 15, 2021
Anti-vaxxers protest against vaccine mandates outside of LAUSDs main offices in Los Angeles.

500 LAUSD employees laid off after refusing to get vaccinated

The nearly 500 LAUSD employees who were terminated make up less than one percent of the district's 72,000 employees.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Dec 10, 2021
According to the South Africa Center for Epidemic Response and Innovation, scientists say that there are about 50 different mutations. For reference, the Delta variant had about nine mutations in its genome.

Omicron: The newest covid-19 variant

While little is still known about the highly-mutated covid variant, it is believed to be less severe than the Delta strain according to preliminary evidence.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Dec 10, 2021
Vaccination stations set up in the small gym allow for students and adults to get vaccinated ON campus safely.

Covid vaccinations required for in-person learning next semester

Vaccines are mandatory! Students planning on returning to campus after winter break must be fully vaccinated by Jan. 10, 2022, in accordance to district guidelines.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Nov 19, 2021
Lights and Color! Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is known for its variety of colors and oil lamps lighting up the night.

The Festival of Lights: Everything you should know about Diwali

Diwali is celebrated by a billion people around the world, but remains unknown by many Americans.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Nov 5, 2021
Print Editor-in-Chief Ani Tutunjyan and Layout Editor Antony Nepeyvoda show off their awarding-winning newspaper.

Another win: The Mirror named Best High School Newspaper by LA Press Club

The Mirror won two first place awards during the 63rd annual SoCal Journalism Awards hosted by the Los Angeles Press Club.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Oct 19, 2021
Ouch! A person is awaiting her jab of the covid-19 vaccine.

Do students & faculty agree with mandatory vaccines?

Members of the VNHS community are split as to whether or not the LAUSD vaccine mandate is a positive thing or if requiring a vaccine is pushing the boundary as to what a school system should be allowed to do.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Sep 11, 2021
English teacher Jon Peterson and a student are taking the covid-19 test on the quad on May 12.

Nine covid-19 cases confirmed during first week of in-person instruction

Students were sent home on Friday to quarantine for two weeks after three students tested positive for covid-19.
By Shaan Bhatia and Ani Tutunjyan
Aug 22, 2021
For the first time in over a year, the VNHS campus has opened its doors for students to return to campus under covid guidelines.

I am a junior, yet I have never been on campus.

The headline isn't a riddle, but rather an unusual point-of-view story about my first time on the VNHS campus.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jun 9, 2021
Superintendnent Austin Beutner (RIght) and Principal Gardea (Left) poses for a portrait outside of Van Nuys High School.

The magnet program is awarded one of the best in the nation

The Magnet programs offered on campus has been ranked nationally as one of the top 20 schools in the nation.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
May 17, 2021
As tiktok rises in popularity, teens must figure out if they can control the amount of time they spend on the app.

National R*pe day | Fake news!

While millions have posted about it, National Rape day does NOT exist.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Apr 23, 2021
CDC issued vaccine passport after taking a covid-19 vaccine.

One step closer to normal

Getting the covid-19 vaccine takes courage and patience but now people are closer to regaining control of life.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Apr 7, 2021
Changes made to the Monday bell schedule

Changes made to the Monday bell schedule

After ongoing deliberations regarding the obstacles posed by Monday’s alternating schedules, the School Based Management team made modifications to the Monday bell schedule.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Jan 24, 2021
Students attempt to find ways to cope with the stress of school.

Failing grades lead to second chances

LAUSD is offering students with failing grades a second chance to make up assignments for a passing grade.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Dec 17, 2020

A vote for Trump means…

Trump is gone, but a divided America remains.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Nov 17, 2020
Presidential election results may not be available until Nov. 12.

Election anxiety continues as Americans await presidential election results

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads in popular and electoral votes.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Nov 5, 2020
President Trump gives Oracle-Walmart deal his blessing, allowing its millions of active users to continue to create and watch content on the app.

TikTok ban averted

President Trump says he has approved a deal for the purchase of TikTok by U.S. company Oracle, in partnership with Walmart.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Sep 20, 2020
CSUN ASCE will hold an engineering panel for attendees to ask panelists about their college experience and future endeavors as engineering students.

CSUN’s virtual engineering event approaching

The California State University, Northridge American Society of Civil Engineers will be hosting a virtual event for high school students interested in engineering.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Sep 19, 2020
Zoom bombs

Zoom bombs

Zoom classrooms are being interrupted with graphic images, videos, and foul language by random individuals who don't belong to the class.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor-in-Chief
Aug 31, 2020
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