Failing grades lead to second chances

LAUSD is offering students with failing grades a second chance to make up assignments for a passing grade.


Photo | Pexels

Students attempt to find ways to cope with the stress of school.

As the first semester for Los Angeles public schools comes to an end, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) officials have decided to give students who are failing a second chance to bring their grade(s) up. 

The decision, made on Dec. 14, is a modified extension of the ‘no-fail’ policy that the district implemented in April for the 2019-20 Spring semester. 

School officials cited the reasoning for the decision based on the stress of students and faculty alike as covid-19 cases continue to surge in LA county, and an unstable or inadequate internet connection, as well as a poor learning environment at home, has caused more students to receive D’s and F’s under the online learning model. 

Any student with F’s on their 2020-21 Fall/Winter semester report card will have their fail automatically shift to “incomplete”. Students, however, are not required to bring their grades up. If students would like the opportunity to bring their grade up, “incomplete” forms should be filled out by the end of the week on Dec. 18. 

Teachers have been asked to allow students to make up work, however, they are NOT required to follow this policy. Teachers who refuse to help a student raise their grade are required to submit documentation proving that they gave the child’s parent or guardian(s) adequate advance notice that the student was receiving an “F”. Teachers who are willing to give students a second chance are being asked to let students know that they are receiving a F/incomplete grade and that work will need to be done over Winter Break in order to bring up their grade.