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This psychological thriller is sure YOU on the edge of your seat

REVIEW | The third season of the demented series “You”

A teaser of what is in store for Joe and Love in the newest season of "You".
By Vannesa Machado, Entertainment WriterPublished October 27, 2021
Here's to new beginnings. Dive into what awaits the infamous main characters in their new life.
Sleep peacefully through the night by listening to some tunes.

PLAYLIST | Songs to listen to on those sleepless nights

Catch some z’s after a long night with 27 tracks filled with ambient electronic music.
By Jaden Hantman, Entertainment WriterPublished October 25, 2021
Hear some tranquil tunes to help you sleep whenever you feel restless.
The Nintendo trailer got fans excited to see Samus battling enemies again.

REVIEW | “Metroid Dread” is an amazing return for a long dormant series

More than just a return to form for the classic series, the game is one of the best titles for the Nintendo Switch. Fans can be excited that Samus looks to be in top form in her latest title.
By Gabriel Castillo, Entertainment WriterPublished October 24, 2021
After four years, the Metroid series returns for the first time on the latest Nintendo game console.
Fans raced to theaters to celebrate the holiday early and made this the number one movie in the world.

REVIEW | “Halloween Kills” is the latest entry to an infamous slasher franchise

"Halloween Kills" is the 12th film from the Halloween franchise and serves as a sequel to the 2018 film, "Halloween". The question is, will this film make audiences fear Michael Myers again? Read this review to see if "Halloween Kills" is worth watching.
By Jessica Cervantes , Entertainment WriterPublished October 21, 2021
"The tension is thick, the kills are brutal and the performance is great."
Andrea and Angelina discuss the ill effects of celebrities on our daily lives in this episode of the podcast.

Fill Your Life with Spice | Episode 4: Corrupt internet sensations

Andrea Parada invites Angelina Moreno to discuss the media's fascination with poor social media influencers.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 21, 2021
Join Andrea and her guest Angelina as they discuss the impacts of social media influencers on current and futre generations.
Calling all fans of Harry Potter, theater or both. The drama team prepare for a three day show in November.

Theater department will make a spellbinding return with “PUFFS”

“PUFFS”, is a satirical spinoff play based on the Harry Potter franchise. It depicts the never before told stories of a group of wizards on a journey, seeking to prove to themselves that they can succeed beyond the low expectations of the wizarding world.
By Emma Salehi, Current Events/Features Staff WriterPublished October 21, 2021
The show on Thursday, Nov. 18 will begin at 4 p.m. The show the following day will take place at 7p.m., and the final shows on Saturday will be at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Venom has grossed nearly $300 million worldwide since its release.

REVIEW | “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”

The Venom franchise returns for another exciting film following the story of Venom and new villain, Carnage.
By Jessica Cervantes, Entertainment WriterPublished October 20, 2021
Hit your local movie theater and follow the story of Venom and Carnage.
PLAYLIST | POV You have a school crush

PLAYLIST | POV You have a school crush

Take a listen to some songs that encapsulate the rush and butterflies of having a crush.
By Vannesa Machado, Entertainment WriterPublished October 18, 2021
Fall leaves on the ground mean winter season is approaching. Snuggle up to these tunes during cuddle season.
The show, which was the winner of 2018 Teen Choice Awards, is now on its final season.

REVIEW | New season of “On My Block” hits the block

Dive into what the town of Freeridge has in store for the iconic friend group! A look into the highly anticipated new season of Netflix's "On My Block".
By Vannesa Machado, Entertainment WriterPublished October 15, 2021
“It honestly felt like there were many details left out. It feels like they published an unfinished project.” 
Kill your enemies or repeat the day forever... the choice is yours.

REVIEW | “Deathloop” is a refreshing experience for the next generation of console games

The cartoonish graphics and animated stencil artwork fit the tone of the game perfectly. 
By Gabriel Castillo, Entertainment WriterPublished October 10, 2021
Diverse casting, classic visuals, and compelling story, The latest release from Arkane Studios is a great game worth picking up.

Track or treats: Halloween beats

Tracks to get into the spine-chilling mood of the upcoming season
By Jessica Cerventes, Entertainment Staff WriterPublished October 7, 2021
A killer list of classic Halloween songs, from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to "This is Halloween" by Danny Elfman, that you can will get you in the spirit for this spooky season.
The popularity of the show has caused Netflix to already renew it for a fourth season.

Wasting Recess | Episode 8: My love for “Sex Education”

The hit comedy-drama “Sex Education” returns as one of the top 10 shows on Netflix.
By Csarina Jarencio, Podcast/Social Media EditorPublished October 5, 2021
Csarina shares the multiple reasons for why she loves this show: " Every single person in this story.. they are written in a way that teenagers actually sound."
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