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“My favorite part about being a business owner is being able to see everyone’s faces when they come to pick up their order or when I go deliver it to them.” -Amira Hassan

A look behind Ur Fave Sweets, a growing student owned small business

By Jazlyn XocoxicPublished April 13, 2021
Small business Ur Fave Sweets by Amira sells a variety of desserts including colorful sprinkle coated cake pops.
One step closer to normal

One step closer to normal

By Shaan Bhatia, Current Events EditorPublished April 7, 2021
With just two doses of the covid-19 vaccine, people are becoming resistant to the virus that seems to have no end while trying to return to normalcy.
A working coronavirus vaccine may be readily available in the US by the end of the year.

Variants vs. Vaccines: California’s covid-19 outbreak

By Eleonora Badikyan and Angelina GevorgyanPublished April 6, 2021
After a year of lockdown, vaccines have been more frequently given to the public but different strains are still out there.
I gave up social media for seven days

I gave up social media for seven days

By Briana Jasso, Staff WriterPublished April 5, 2021
Seven-day social media cleanse
POW! Youtuber Logan Paul takes a brutal punch to the head from his opponent Olajide O. Williams (KSI)

YouTubers vs. boxers

By Contreras Melanie, Staff WriterPublished March 25, 2021
Teófimo López tweets “Stop this YouTubers Boxing. Stop diminishing the sport that we’ve worked so hard for!”
Homeless & vulnerable

Homeless & vulnerable

Published March 25, 2021
A pandemic is affecting the entire nation, here's an insight into how it's affecting the homeless
Eliseo Equihua is posing for the Latino brand “SUEÑOS” to represent LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the
Latine “Hood Culture''. Eliseo mentioned about hoping one day there will be less homophobia in
the Latino community because everyone deserves to be treated the same regardless of their
sexuality. EAST LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 23rd, 2020.


By Ivan Delgado, Photo EditorPublished March 22, 2021

Sack! Number 99 J.J. Watt celebrates after tackling the opponents quarterback.

J.J Watt signs with the Cardinals

By Sam Eusebio, Staff WriterPublished March 16, 2021
Watt is now reunited with DeAndre Hopkins, a former Texans Wide-Receiver who played with Watts.
Middle school students wait to enter the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on the National Mall during the 2017 National Science Bowl competition, Friday, April 28, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jack Dempsey, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science)

Students compete in 2021 National Science Bowl

By Angelina Gevorgyan, Staff WriterPublished March 11, 2021
“Our students work hard and are motivated to do their very best every year.” -Coach and advisor Ms. Tracey Kim
School organizes anti-bullying virtual assembly

School organizes anti-bullying virtual assembly

By Angelina Gevorgyan, Staff WriterPublished March 9, 2021
“This should and needs to be addressed.” -Dean Brian Acosta
What do retired e-sports players do after their careers are finished?

What do retired e-sports players do after their careers are finished?

By Antony Nepeyvoda, Design & Layout EditorPublished March 9, 2021
Streamers come from a wide range of backgrounds and seek fame for their personalities and gaming prowess.
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