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The show, which was the winner of 2018 Teen Choice Awards, is now on its final season.

REVIEW: New season of “On My Block” hits the block

Dive into what the town of Freeridge has in store for the iconic friend group! A look into the highly anticipated new season of Netflix's "On My Block".
By Vannesa Machado, Entertainment WriterPublished October 15, 2021
“It honestly felt like there were many details left out. It feels like they published an unfinished project.” 
Ms. Arana is popular around school for her upbeat personality and school spirit.

Performing Arts Magnet Coordinator
Ms. Fanny Arana

Hailing from Cuba, Ms. Arana shares all about her family history and what she would do if she wasn't a magnet coordinator.
By Jennifer Garcia, Sports WriterPublished October 14, 2021
It’s also my job to market the magnet and to make it known to the public [through] the middle schools and the general community.
The library shows off their featured books with Halloween-themed decorations.

Kicking off October with a little spice

The magnet office and library shows off their Halloween spirit with fun decorations.
By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished October 14, 2021

The main floor is showing off a festive look with the magnet office and library displaying Halloween decorations.

(L to R) Seniors Isabela Diaz, Alika Tsytsurina, Sarah Ramirez Guzman, Viviene Carvajal, Chidiogo Angel Chiawa ,Claudia Segura, and Alexis Golden are showered with gifts during the final game of their season at home.

VOLLEYBALL : The team sends off the seniors with a victory in their final home game

The seven seniors are congratulated by the team with a variety of gifts
By Samantha Ramos and Nathan Han Published October 13, 2021
The win on Monday brings the team's overall standing to 3-6 with only one game left in the season.
Seniors wait in line in front of the big gym to take their SAT.

School administers SAT and PSAT/NMSQT

Students came to school today with their No. 2 pencils, IDs and calculators to take the SAT or PSAT.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished October 13, 2021

Sophomores, juniors and seniors lined up to take the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT today in the big and small gyms. Sophomores and juniors are required to take the College Board's Practice SAT (PSAT). The test...

 Jasmine Cheysobhon watches the ball head to her opponent’s court during the practice match before the game.

TENNIS: Girls team secure spot in the playoffs with a strong win over the Spartans

With a final score of 6-1, Wolves take victory over Sylmar in front of a home crowd.
By Nathan Han and Beverly ReginoPublished October 11, 2021
With only one loss and now a chance to win at CIF, Captain Van Handke shares her hopes for the team’s chances.
Andrea, Elom and Lavarra addresses the enabling ignorance of students around campus.

Fill Your Life With Spice | Episode 3: N-word culture on campus

Andrea Parada invites Elom and Lavarra as they discuss the use of improper language in school, with a particular emphasis on the use of the n-word.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 11, 2021
Andrea invites members of the Black Student Union to share their most controversial views on the use of the n-word on campus.
Kill your enemies or repeat the day forever... the choice is yours.

REVIEW: “Deathloop” is a refreshing experience for the next generation of console games

The cartoonish graphics and animated stencil artwork fit the tone of the game perfectly. 
By Gabriel Castillo, Entertainment WriterPublished October 10, 2021
Diverse casting, classic visuals, and compelling story, The latest release from Arkane Studios is a great game worth picking up.
The home defense gets into a scramble but are unable to put any pressure on the Tigers.

FOOTBALL: The Tigers maul the Wolves in our own backyard

The team shows flashes of potential but still seek their first win with only three games left in the season.
By Drake Hernandez, Sports EditorPublished October 9, 2021
The Wolves, unable to score frequently, take their fourth loss at home with a final score of 42-6.

Track or Treats: Halloween beats

A killer list of classic Halloween songs you can jam through this for this spooky season.
By Jessica Cerventes, Entertainment Staff WriterPublished October 7, 2021
Tracks to get into the spine-chilling mood of the upcoming season
The team huddles up and takes a moment to celebrate their win with each other.

VOLLEYBALL: Girls team battles for their second straight win

Winning a tightly contested game against Canoga Park, the Wolves are now 2-5 for the season. They seek a third win against San Fernando on Oct. 6.
By Jennifer Garcia, Sports WriterPublished October 5, 2021
Towards the end of the fourth set, a Canoga mishap saw the ball hit the net and resulted in the Wolves being awarded the remaining points necessary to win the final set, 27-25.
The pressures of school life can become extremely challenging for everyone, and these students share their unique stories about how they have-and have not- recieved support.

Fill Your Life with Spice | Episode 2: Student Expectations

Andrea, Vannesa, and Isabella dive into the daily pressures in an average student's life.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 5, 2021
Generational differences between parents and students can occasionally cause teens to feel their own struggles are being less understood.
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