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The Mirror

After choosing his perfect pumpkin, Senior Marvin Ocampo prepares a scary idea to paint.

PHOTOSTORY | Painting the perfect pumpkins

The EduCare program held a pumpkin-painting competition after school on Oct. 26. With 150 pumpkins to choose from, two hours and a variety of different paints, lots of students entered the contest.
By Emma Salehi and Isabella ThomasPublished October 26, 2021
Designs from today included the poison apple from "Snow White" and Ghostface from "Scream".
Senior Angela Proca dances under the tents on the quad and tries to avoid getting drenched.

PHOTOSTORY | Drizzled and drenched on campus

Students used to the typical sunny weather of the campus were treated to an unexpected suprise as the campus was hit with showers all day long. .
By Beverly Regino, Photo EditorPublished October 25, 2021
Rare rainfall is not enough to end the long California drought.
Sleep peacefully through the night by listening to some tunes.

PLAYLIST | Songs to listen to on those sleepless nights

Catch some z’s after a long night with 27 tracks filled with ambient electronic music.
By Jaden Hantman, Entertainment WriterPublished October 25, 2021
Hear some tranquil tunes to help you sleep whenever you feel restless.
Goodbye Van Nuys and hello Baja, California! Mazin is moving to the beach to get away from all the craziness and take time for herself.

Special Education Coordinator Ms. Karyn Mazin

After 11 years of working at our school, Ms. Mazin is going to retire and seek new opportunities for herself down at the beach.
By Emma Salehi, Current Events/Features Staff WriterPublished October 22, 2021
"I just want to enjoy the peace that surrounds me and just focus on good mental health as well as physical health."
In another form of an invert, Ms. Partida demonstrates ways to warm up.

Hanging on | Reesa Partida puts her aerial skills on display

Ms. Partida takes her advanced dance students into the auditorium to teach them how to use aerial silks.
By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished October 22, 2021
The performing arts teacher demonstrates her athletic strength and agility for the students.
Esha recommends students join the club because of the unique oppurtunities to help the community.

American Red Cross Club President Mafruha Rahman Esha

Esha voices how her ambition for helping others flows through her veins and prompted her to establish and develop the school’s American Red Cross club.
By Diana Zalmanov, Current Events/Features Staff WriterPublished October 22, 2021
Running a club is not without its difficulties, but Esha sees the leadership growth of all the members as the most rewarding aspects.
Andrea and Angelina discuss the ill effects of celebrities on our daily lives in this episode of the podcast.

Fill Your Life with Spice | Episode 4: Corrupt internet sensations

Andrea Parada invites Angelina Moreno to discuss the media's fascination with poor social media influencers.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 21, 2021
Join Andrea and her guest Angelina as they discuss the impacts of social media influencers on current and futre generations.
Print Editor-in-Chief Ani Tutunjyan and Layout Editor Antony Nepeyvoda show off their awarding-winning newspaper.

Another win | The Mirror named Best High School Newspaper by LA Press Club

The Mirror won two first place awards during the 63rd annual SoCal Journalism Awards hosted by the Los Angeles Press Club.
By Shaan Bhatia, Online Editor in ChiefPublished October 19, 2021

The Mirror has been named the top high school newspaper by the Los Angeles Press Club (LAPC) during its annual SoCal Journalism Awards on Saturday, receiving first place in the Best High School Newspaper...

Ms. Arana is popular around school for her upbeat personality and school spirit.

Performing Arts Magnet Coordinator
Ms. Fanny Arana

Hailing from Cuba, Ms. Arana shares all about her family history and what she would do if she wasn't a magnet coordinator.
By Jennifer Garcia, Sports WriterPublished October 14, 2021
It’s also my job to market the magnet and to make it known to the public [through] the middle schools and the general community.
The library shows off their featured books with Halloween-themed decorations.

Kicking off October with a little spice

The magnet office and library shows off their Halloween spirit with fun decorations.
By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished October 14, 2021

The main floor is showing off a festive look with the magnet office and library displaying Halloween decorations.

This beautiful Ford Focus, wrapped in a special livery dedicated to the Van Nuys automotive program, was gifted to the school from Galpin Ford.

Auto Shop is zooming in with a smokin’ new ride courtesy of Galpin Ford

The school's automotive program was awarded a custom hot pink Ford Focus with a custom wrap after having the highest number of Ford certifications among students in the class from the Ford Automotive Career Exploration Program.
By Angelina Gevorgyan, Current Events/Features EditorPublished October 12, 2021
This new addition to the school’s collection of vehicles has enkindled a strong sense of motivation among individuals engaging in the course.
Andrea, Elom and Lavarra addresses the enabling ignorance of students around campus.

Fill Your Life With Spice | Episode 3: N-word culture on campus

Andrea Parada invites Elom and Lavarra as they discuss the use of improper language in school, with a particular emphasis on the use of the n-word.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 11, 2021
Andrea invites members of the Black Student Union to share their most controversial views on the use of the n-word on campus.
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