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Track and Field Coach Fernando Fernandez speaks to runner Uriel Ruiz after a relay race. Both are wearing masks and following covid-19 guidelines.
Covid-19: Through the eyes of vaccinated athletes
By Contreras MelaniePublished June 9, 2021

Now that Californians 12 and older are eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine, Junior and Senior athletes at VNHS are getting vaccinated in hopes of things finally returning...

Checkmate the white queen says with a scornful expression.
My new hobby: Chess
By Antony Nepeyvoda, Design & Layout Editor • Published June 8, 2021
Now that I’m finishing my junior year of high school not much has changed about the way I play. I am still very bad at chess, but even so it has grown into my newest obsession.
A little league baseball player waiting for the next batter to send a ball his way.
Benefits of Recreational Sports
By Sam Eusebio, Staff Writer • Published June 8, 2021

Walking through the park, you can hear the crack of baseballs connecting with bats, the dribbling of basketballs, the whoosh of tennis racquets, referees blowing their whistles...

Van Nuys High School 2021 Division 1 champions.
D1 CHAMPS: Boys Volleyball wins 6th city title
By Andre Davancens, Sports Editor • Published June 6, 2021

From the street you could hear the roar of the crowd booming from within Sylmar Charter High School. June 5, the Division 1 CIF LA Volleyball Championships were underway. The...

Jesus Rios scores a take down on a wrestler from Madison during the King of the City 2019 wrestling tournament.
WRESTLING: The team looks to start again
By Andre Davancens, Sports Editor • Published June 1, 2021

The wrestling team has always had the underdog status as one of the smaller sports teams on campus. While they have always had good results in league standings, placing in...