The Mirror

2019-2020 Staff

Pilar Sims

Editor in Chief

Pilar Sims is one of the two Editors in Chiefs The Mirror at Van Nuys High School. She is currently a senior this year. Other than writing articles for the program, she likes to read, listen to music and skateboard with her friends. She also enjoys writing many creative, short stories. In college, she plans on double majoring in Journalism and English. She is deciding on whether to become a freelance wr...

Kayla Lee

Editor in Chief

Kayla Lee is one of the Editor in Chiefs for the The Mirror. In addition to being in journalism, she participates in Science Olympiad and TASSEL. As a senior at Van Nuys, she plans to go to a four-year university and pursue a career in law. She enjoys learning new languages, snapping photos, and dancing.

Kasey Kim

Entertainment Editor

Kasey Kim is an Entertainment Editor for The Mirror at Van Nuys High School. She is currently a junior in her second year in the journalism program. Outside of journalism, she enjoys listening to Indie music and hiking. She has an interest in nature and gardening. She is currently involved in JROTC and volunteers at the Veterans Adm. Sepulveda hospital. She looks forward to graduating high school and ...

Seungyoun Kim

Print Layout Editor

Seungyoun Kim is the Layout Editor for the 2019-2020 school year. She has participated in editorial and features writing in her two years of experience in journalism. Aside from journalism, she is involved in a prevention program called Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program (YDAPP). She is very passionate about teenagers’ early exposure to drug use and plans to involve herself in the public health field...

Mhar Tenorio

Online Design Editor

Mhar Tenorio is the Online Design Editor for the Mirror. Joining the program since his freshman year, Mhar started as a writer for the Features and News department. Now his third year in journalism, he is in charge of the Mirror website. Besides writing, Mhar enjoys drawing and graphic design. His future plans include pursuing a degree and a career in the field of art. ...

Ani Tutunjyan

News Editor

Ani Tutunjyan is a sophomore and the News Editor for The Mirror and She covers current events occurring on campus and globally. Ani returns to the program for her second consecutive year. Outside of journalism, she is involved in Speech and Debate and dance. Ani intends to pursue a career in law.

Andre Rodas

Sports Editor

Andre Rodas is the Sports Editor for the Mirror. Joining the program since his Sophomore year of High School, Andre started as a staff writer for the Sports department. Now in his junior year, he is in charge of the Sports section. Besides writing, Andre enjoys drawing, playing volleyball, reading and music. 

Kaitlyn Jung

Features Editor

Kaitlyn Jung is the Features Editor for the Mirror. She has been part of the Journalism program ever since her freshman year. Currently, she is in her junior year and is not really looking forward to the coming year. She enjoys traveling, camping and hanging out with friends. Outside of journalism, Kaitlyn studies for her classes, volunteers at the Pet Orphans in Van Nuys and does taekwondo. She a...

Ivan Delgado

Photo Editor

Ivan Delgado is a Filmmaker, Actor, Musician, Photographer and Photo Editor for The Mirror. He joined The Mirror in the beginning of his sophomore year and is currently a Junior. He loves Radiohead and cooking Italian food with all his heart. He hopes to major in Programming after he graduates from high school. ...

Aaron Mejia

Finance Manager

Currently the Finance Manager for The Mirror, Aaron Mejia is a junior who joined the journalism program two years ago. Besides journalism, Aaron enjoys practicing stringed instruments, running, and playing tennis.

Plapol Rattapitak


Plapol is a Photographer and Assistant Photo editor. For him, photography has been fun and there is a lot of learning curves that he had to go through with. He says “photography is basically an art form” every time people asks him what is Photography for him. He also likes traveling and loves arcades.