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College applications for the rest of the schools in the UC system were due Nov. 30.
Three UC campuses have extended their application deadline
By Ani Tutunjyan, Print Editor-in-Chief • Published December 7, 2020

University of California (UC) Santa Cruz, UC Riverside and UC Merced have all extended their deadline to Dec. 15. Seniors now have until next Tuesday to submit their college applications to these three schools.

FOCUS | Student screen time rises
FOCUS | Student screen time rises
By Ani Tutunjyan, Print Editor-in-Chief • Published November 21, 2020
Three students explain how the coronavirus pandemic and distance learning have affected their use of technology.
Mynor Hernandez
He had covid, which "definitely isn't fake"
By Andre Rodas, Print Editor-in-Chief • Published November 20, 2020
It began with an aunt who was exposed at work. But Mynor Hernandez was spared the worst as his symptoms lasted only four days.
TAKING A SHOT Several pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, are racing to develop a vaccine against covid-19.
Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine shows 95% effectiveness
By Eleonora Badikyan, Staff Writer • Published November 18, 2020
The companies plan to apply for emergency authorization from the FDA "within days."
Holiday Decor Ideas
Holiday Decor Ideas
By Angelina Gevorgyan, Staff Writer • Published December 10, 2020
Festives ideas for quarantine.
Connecting her passions with calligraphy
Connecting her passions with calligraphy
By Nathan Han, Web Editor • Published November 25, 2020
Shriya Pattapu hopes to foster interest in calligraphy among her fellow students.
Picking the right colleges to apply to can be rough so every school has a brochure giving you details on why their program is the best pick.
College: Tips and tricks for getting applications done
By Jazlyn XocoxicPublished November 20, 2020
Here are some tricks and tips to get into the completing application zone.
Crazy coronavirus coiffure
By Itzel Gallardo and Gwen LangiPublished November 18, 2020
Quarantine is keeping us cooped up, but students are finding ways to keep their coifs creative.
A vote for Trump means...
By Shaan Bhatia, Current Events Editor • Published November 17, 2020
A student grapples with the idea that half of our nation voted for Trump, a man known as a racist and an alleged rapist.
ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES Even though the pandemic rages in 2020, workers still have to deal with hundreds of customers a day.
Crazy covid customers demand to speak to the manager
By Adriana Contreras, Staff Writer • Published November 10, 2020
An absolutely dreadful and dangerous time to be a service employee.
NOT REPRESENTING Female same-sex couples and relationships aren
BLOG | LGBT Nation: The entertainment industry overlooks lesbians
By Monica Mazariegos, Staff Writer • Published November 10, 2020
The media's continued stereotyping is creating image that isn't real or true.
AT A LOSS Many Armenians feel disappointed and angry after losing centuries-old cultural lands.
When Armenians needed you most, you stood in silence
By Ani Tutunjyan, Print Editor-in-Chief • Published November 9, 2020
The Nagorno-Karabakh War came to a painful end for Armenians who fought to save their historical lands.
Lebron and Davis celebrate their finals win.
Two superstars stay in Los Angeles
By Sam Eusebio, Staff Writer • Published December 12, 2020
Lebron James and Anthony Davis hope to win more championships with the Lakers.
President Donald Trump puts the Medal of Freedom around Dan Gables neck.
Wrestling legend awarded the Medal of Freedom
By Andre Davancens, Sports Editor • Published December 7, 2020
An award fit for one of America's best coaches.
The man in the court
The man in the court
By Andre Davancens, Sports Editor • Published December 4, 2020

PLAY BALL President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to throw out the first pitch.
Hardball! Nationals pick Biden to pitch on opening day
By Melanie Contreras, Staff Writer • Published November 16, 2020
The D.C. franchise is "excited to continue the long-standing tradition of sitting Presidents throwing out the first pitch at the home of the national pastime in our nation’s capital.”
An assortment of handmade Christmas decorations.
Playlist: Unlikely Christmas Carols
By Terrence Lazo, Staff Writer • Published December 7, 2020
Here’s a mix of the more unconventional side of Christmas Tunes.
The Return of “The Mandalorian”
The Return of “The Mandalorian”
By Isabela Diaz, Business Manager • Published December 7, 2020
The wait is over. Season 2 returns to screens and continues the story of the Mandalorian, Din Djarin.
Elizabeth Zepeda teaches a hip hop dance at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Recreation Center.
Dance lessons at the park
By Kasey Kim, A&E Editor • Published December 1, 2020
Senior Elizabeth Zepeda stays active during quarantine by teaching dance lessons at the park.
IN WITH THE OLD TUNES Jukeboxes were ubiquitous when some of the oldies on our list were released.
PLAYLIST | Shake your groove thing to some classic oldies
By Alison Arevalo, Staff Writer • Published November 13, 2020
Throw it back with some Elvis, Mariah Carey, Ritchie Valens and more