• May 26SPORTS Dance company auditions will be held on May 31st at 3:40 P.M. in Ms. Hula's room.
  • May 26CAMPUS All late work is due on May 31st.
  • May 23CAMPUS You can now purchase dance show tickets. $8 presale, and $10 at the door.
  • May 23CAMPUS Today's spirit day is walking yearbook Wednesday. Wear a white shirt and get people to sign it.
  • May 18SPORTS Soccer tryouts for boys and girls is on May 18th from 4pm to 5:30 pm.
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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

The Mirror

The atmosphere and comforting smell of the food you’ll love the restaurant even before you try the food.
Pine and Crane: a small but bold eatery serving authentic and flavorful Taiwanese plates
This DTLA and Silverlake based restaurant serves the best small but flavorful plates perfect for dining out with friends or a date.
By Katrina Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor • Published May 24, 2023
A Taco Bell hard-shell “Crunchy Taco” with ground beef, lettuce and cheddar cheese.
Foreign fast food just… doesn't hit the spot
By Destiny Reveles, Staff Writer • Published May 19, 2023
Many restaurants and food companies take traditional dishes from other cultures and adapt them to fit the American appetite, often altering the original recipe and ingredients.
“I think part of the reason for this decline is a reflection of the increasing disrespect our society has for the founding fathers and the documents that make this country… our history has become irrelevant and shameful to more and more people.” Another comment by Elizabeth Silva read.
Repeating history? No, receding history
By Olamide Olumide, Staff Writer • Published May 19, 2023
Eighth graders declining test scores might cause issues for them as incoming freshmen.
Although more and more students quality for voting age, many are without proper guidance.
Tips for when it's time to vote
By Mia Ramirez, Staff Writer • Published May 18, 2023
Mia Ramirez gives a couple pointers to prepare new student voters.
AP exams are rapidly approaching. Here are some study tips to help you score that five.
Tips and tricks for AP exams
By Rainielle Santos, Staff Writer • Published Apr 19, 2023
Rain Santos shares her study methods to ensure a good grade for AP Exams.
On April 11, 2023 the LAUSD board of education attended Van Nuys High School to honor the millstones of the ELD learning students.
An important milestone in the history of Van Nuys High School
By Mia Ramirez, Staff Writer • Published Apr 11, 2023
Van Nuys High School officially opened its International Academy, one of just three in the LAUSD district.
Many Van Nuys High School teachers and administrators voted against adopting a block schedule for 2023-24 school year, and won.
The votes are in: teachers say no to block schedule
By Zachary Skolnick, Staff Writer • Published Mar 30, 2023
Van Nuys High School will not be adopting a block schedule and will stay with the six-period schedule for the 2023-24 school year.
OVER AT LAST: The three-day strike is over, but critics question whether the pros of the strike truly outweight the cons.
The cons of LAUSD going on strike
By Docette Danialypour, Staff Writer • Published Mar 24, 2023
The recent three-day strike by LAUSD teachers and staff for better wages has sparked mixed reactions among stakeholders. While some see it as a necessary step towards addressing the long-standing issue of underpaid education workers, others argue that it was not worth the cost of missed learning.
Joselyn Giron, #4, uses her guarding skills to not let the San Fernando player get past her.
A new girls basketball coach is seeking athletes for her upcoming team
By Isabel Valles, Staff Writer • Published May 15, 2023
Girls basketball season has officially started, and they're kicking off the season with a new coach.
A young athlete looks out on the field preparing herself for the upcoming flag football game.
Van Nuys introduces girls flag football starting next year
By Isabel Valles, Staff Writer • Published May 8, 2023
Students are excited for flag football becoming a new sport at Van Nuys High School.
On Tuesday, May 2, the Panorama Pythons sank their fangs into the Wolves’ fur.
Girls softball team sustain another devastating loss
By Darling Zelaya, Layout/Photographer • Published May 7, 2023
The girl’s softball team played against Panorama High School on Tuesday, May 2, and although they fought their hardest, they ended up losing 16-6.
Noah Baek, #14, goes up for the kill against the Panorama Pythons on Tuesday, April 25.
Boys volleyball dominate their final regular-season game
By Jaden Gervacio, Staff Writer • Published Apr 30, 2023
On Tuesday, April 25, the Wolves volleyball team played their final game of the regular season against Panorama High School, and flattened them with a clean score of 3-0.
Students explain their opinion on the school lockers.
Lockers! Lockers! Lockers!
By Olamide Olumide, Staff Writer • Published May 9, 2023
Students and their relationship with their lockers.
Dante Damiano, known as “ExplodingDante on YoutTbe, is a senior. You might know him from the plays and musicals here at Van Nuys. Has over 100 subscribers on YoutTube and is deciding to continue streaming and posting YouTube videos in the near future.
The life and times of Dante Damiano
By Zachary Skolnick, Staff Writer • Published May 5, 2023
Graduating high school, Dante Damiano shares his story as a senior student and part time YouTuber.
On May 4th, 2023, the main building fell victim to a series of stink bomb pranks, leading to some classrooms getting ventilated.
Fart bombs infiltrate Van Nuys High School
By Angelina Kanno, Staff Writer • Published May 4, 2023
Fart bombs were thrown into classrooms by a student.
After years of being a full time prison guard, Gabriel Figueroa has taken what hes learned from his experiences and applied it to his new custodial position.
Behind the smile: stories from beyond the prison wall
By Lindsay Han, News/Features Co-Editor • Published Apr 26, 2023

3 years ago, Gabriel Figueroa walked through the doors of the Limestone County Prison in east Texas. It was his first day as a guard. His heart was racing like a stampede of wild horses, as he tried...

Currently there is only one privately owned F-4, making this plane one-of-a-kind.
The most affordable fighter jets for students
By Cristian Mejia, Associate Online Editor-in-Chief • Published May 17, 2023
Planning on getting your driver’s license during the summer? Here are some affordable fighter jets that you can start with!
Disneys original plan for Tomorrowland was to create a blueprint of the future circa 1986. Today, however, the land has strayed far from that goal, with it becoming an amalgamation of Star Wars, the 80s, and Jules-Verne-esque architecture.
Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is stuck in yesterday
By Daimler Koch and Docette DanialypourPublished May 8, 2023
Victorian steampunk. The ‘80s. The Space Age. What do these have in common? Disney’s failure to live up to the promise of the future, of course.
Media can be a great source of bonding and entertainment if you and your family can make it through almost 2 hours of sitting still. If not, cross it out and move on to a more tolerable activity.
Can TV save us from the stresses of family time?
By Wendy Gonzalez, Staff Writer • Published May 2, 2023
Family time should be looked forward to, not dreaded.
There has never been a single standard of beauty; the standards have changed based on what is most beneficial to the oppressive systems of the time. 
The horrors of beauty standards
By Alexa Ballesteros, Staff Writer • Published May 2, 2023
Beauty standards, the patriarchy’s best friend. It’s sad, really, to see not only what beauty standards have done to our current society, but why they have become the way that they are now.  
A photo of Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) looking out into the horizon.
HBO’s The Last of Us: what we want to see in season 2
By Alexis Martinez, Staff Writer • Published Apr 28, 2023
Though we don’t have an official release date yet, fans can’t help but speculate what the writers of HBO’s The Last of Us have in store for season 2.
Gregg Arakis 1995 road trip movie is back in 4K
“The Doom Generation”: 25 years later
By Dashiell Dekker, Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor • Published Apr 26, 2023
Gregg Araki’s 90s threesome apocalypto road trip remains just as powerful as it did back than
The only playlist for this spring season.
Bloom into spring with this playlist
By Katrina Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor • Published Apr 21, 2023
As the flowers blossom in stop by and smell the roses to these lovely tunes
Joaquin Phoenix has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
‘Beau is Afraid’ is whimsically hellish — frequently bold
By Dashiell Dekker, Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor • Published Apr 20, 2023
Ari Aster’s ‘nightmare comedy’ is provocative and all encompassing
Due to the continuous rainfall and stormy weather all throughout California in January through February, a rare desert phenomenon where a high proportion of wildflowers bloom, also known as a “superbloom,” can be seen all throughout California.
A fiery field of flowers blooms over California
By Beverly Regino, Creative Director • Published Apr 13, 2023
High Tides and Good Vibes: Full of cobblestone and reef this beautiful beach is home to the surfers. Topanga state beach is the best surfing spot for people that live in the Topanga/Calabasas area. With its hidden view from the highway not many people know about this spot, which allows for a better chance to catch a wave.
Dog Days
By Samantha Ramos, Photo Editor • Published Feb 23, 2023
Though they are invasive to North America, White Clovers tend to grow in grass patches, and they can be found in the quad.
Spring has officially sprung at Van Nuys High
By Nicole Tovar, Photographer
Here are some refreshing flora you can spot here on campus this spring.
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