The Mirror

Students voice their opinions on their preferences for president.
The presidential war
By Ani Tutunjyan, Print Editor-in-Chief • Published October 31, 2020
Voters must decide who they want to lead our country in 2020
Music has had a powerful impact on peoples life choices.
Musical mayhem
By Felipe Rodriguez, Staff Writer • Published October 20, 2020
The music I consumed turned me into someone I didn’t recognize. Changing my music taste made me change my behavior. Will you do the same?
Gavin Newsom speaking during a news conference
SB 145: anti-discriminatory bill is not a gateway to pedophilia
By Gwen Langi, Pro & Con Editor • Published October 16, 2020
SB 145- a bill hoping to end an old, outdated California law- is put in the middle of a fiery debate.
The Academic Decathlon team takes home yet another win.
A competition cut short
By Andy Nickolas Joachin, Staff Writer • Published September 26, 2020
Countless hours of practice meant nothing when covid-19 hit Academic Decathlon hope of becoming state champions.
Forest engulfed in flames
Making the change for climate change
By Gwen Langi, Pro & Con Editor • Published September 16, 2020
The gender reveal party shouldn't have gotten all the smoke for California’s wildfires. Instead, we need to blame the real culprit: climate change.