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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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2017-2018 Staff

Mejia, Aaron

Aaron Mejia

Aaron Mejia is the Online Editor in Chief for The Mirror. He’s in his third and final year of the program. Before his current position in the publication, Aaron was the Finance Manager, Podcast Editor Social Media Editor, an assistant copy editor and a staff writer for the Entertainment and Features section. Aaron also proudly serves as Key Club’s President, JSA’s Social Media Director and a member o...

Jackson Beckman-Smith, Online Editor-in-Chief

Jack Beckman-Smith

Jack Beckman-Smith is the Online Editor-In-Chief for The Mirror at Van Nuys High School. He started off as an Opinion Staff Writer in 10th grade and now spends his time overseeing the website maintenance as a senior. Living up to his name, Jack also takes to writing where stories need be, acting as a true Jack of all trades. He has always retained a love for opinion writing and often voices his moder...

Christian Walsh mugshot

Christian Walsh

Christian Walsh is a Features Staff Writer for The Mirror at Van Nuys High School. He joined the program during his junior year and is now in his second year with the publications as a senior. During his free time, he enjoys talking with friends, using the computer and keeping up with the news. While he finds interest in news channels that take an untraditional route to broadcasting, he is also int...

Margarita Hovsepyan

Margarita Hovsepyan

Margarita Hovsepyan is the Executive Editor-in-Chief of The Mirror and She has been in the Journalism program for three consecutive years, taking on the position of Opinion Editor in her junior year. Her articles and blogs tend to focus on politics and social justice with mainly a conservative perspective. She loves to run and is the Captain of the Cross Country team. Outside of sch...

Holden Mandell, Opinion editor

Holden Mandell

Holden Mandell is currently the Opinion Editor for The Mirror. He joined the program during his junior year and is now in his second year publication as a senior. Other than contributing to Journalism, Holden likes to play video games with his friends and research about the world’s current events. When it comes to politics, Holden considers himself a moderate libertarian.   ...

Gina Kim, CFO

Gina Kim

Gina Kim is currently the Chief Financial Officer for The Mirror and has been contributing to the Journalism program since her sophomore year. Gina has written Opinion articles in her previous years and is beginning to write for the News department. Along with writing articles, Gina enjoys reading books and listening to music. She also volunteered at Valley Presbyterian Hospital and LAPD Devonshire PALS....

Jessica Eusebio staff mugshot

Jessica Eusebio

Jessica Eusebio is the Entertainment Editor for The Mirror at Van Nuys High School. She is currently a senior in her second year publication in the Journalism program. Outside of journalism, Jessica plays for the school’s tennis team. Her hobbies include reading books and watching movies. She plans on pursuing a career in nursing with a bachelor’s degree. ...

Kaitlyn Jung

Kaitlyn Jung

Kaitlyn Jung is a sophomore and Entertainment Staff Writer for The Mirror. Starting in ninth grade, she has been in Journalism for two consecutive years. Outside of the program, Kaitlyn participates in a police academy for cadets and the school’s JROTC program. Her hobbies include art, watching Korean dramas, taekwondo and traveling.

Elissa Choi

Elissa Choi

Elissa Choi is currently the Feature Editor for The Mirror. She joined during her junior year and is currently in her second year with the publication. Elissa focuses her articles on U.S. politics and how the Van Nuys High School student body is affected by the government’s decisions. She has been awarded Honorable Mentions by the NSPA for her diversity articles. She will be attending Barnard College i...

Amanda Godfrey photograph

Amanda Godfrey

Senior Amanda Godfrey is the big cheese Editor-in-Chief of The Mirror. A senior, she has been part of the journalism program at Van Nuys High School for the last three years. Last year she was Features editor. In addition to her editing duties, she somehow finds the time to manage both the Boys and Girls Volleyball teams.  She will be attending Loyola Marymount University where she will major in Sc...

Michael Phung photograph

Michael Phung

Michael Phung is a Entertainment writer for The Mirror and He joined the journalism program this year as a junior and plans to stay on through his senior year.  Michael likes to play computer games in his free time, especially League of Legends. When he isn’t absorbed in a video game, Michael watches Youtube and Crunchyroll—but he’s got to be really bored. At Van Nuys Hi...

Lucas Shim, Print Editor-in-Chief

Lucas Shim

Lucas Shim is the Print Editor-in-Chief for The Mirror and Last year he was Entertainment Editor. He joined the journalism program during his sophomore year and is now a senior. Other than contributing to journalism, his hobbies include binge-watching movies and TV shows, brainstorming story ideas and writing screenplays for his future career as a screenwriter. He is also a volunteer at P...

Kaitlyn Jung photograph

Kaitlyn Jung

Kaitlyn Jung is a staff writer for The Mirror and A freshman, she plans to continue in the journalism program for three more years—until she graduates. She currently shows off her aquatic athletic abilities as a member of both the swim team and water polo team. Kaitlyn plans on expanding her physical repertoire to other sports before she graduates from high school. When she’...

Ariana Rodriguez photograph

Ariana Rodriguez

Ariana Rodriguez, a senior, is a staff writer for The Mirror and She joined the journalism program during her junior year. Ariana enjoys volleyball, music and all things Disney. She currently plans to major in Nursing. She owns two dogs, Kacy, a German shepherd, and Dewey, a terrier mix. Her Netflix recommendations include “Stranger Things,” “The Office” and “Star ...

Lauren Woolsey photograph

Lauren Woolsey

Lauren Woolsey is a sports writer for The Mirror and She joined the journalism program during her freshman year and is currently in her third year as a junior. Lauren enjoys trying new foods, staying active and playing volleyball. She also enjoys watching other sports such as figure skating and swimming. She is currently on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team and has volunteered for ...

Devin Tse, 2018-19 Sports Editor

Devin Tse

Devin Tse is the Sports Editor for The Mirror and for a second year. This is his third year in the Van Nuys High School journalism program. He enjoys watching and participating in sporting events of all kinds. He is currently on the Boys Varsity Volleyball Team. Besides covering sports for The Mirror, he is also interested in the other activities occurring at Van Nuys High School. ...

Tommy Chan photograph

Tommy Chan

Tommy Chan is a Senior who joined the Van Nuys High School journalism program in his junior year. He began as a news writer and worked his way up to the position of News Editor, which he now holds. Aside from journalism, Tommy enjoys creative writing and volunteers as a teacher to children in Cambodia. Tommy wants to major in a branch of Environmental Science so he can make his contribution to th...

Marc Cortes photograph

Marc Cortes

Currently a writer for the News Department in the Van Nuys High School journalism program, Marc Cortes is in his junior year. This is his first year working for The Mirror and He enjoys listening to a wide range of musical genres, from rap to EDM to Taylor Swift. Marc suffers from chronic procrastination and has a tendency to internalize his emotions, so he often avoids thinking abou...

Jessica Eusebio photograph

Jessica Eusebio

An entertainment writer for The Mirror and, this is Jessica’s first year on the journalism team at Van Nuys High School. She is currently a junior. Her articles are typically about movies and television shows. She enjoys watching a lot of movies, specifically Disney/Pixar and Marvel movies. She also prefers watching psychologically-based television shows. She also enjoys watchin...

Aaron Mejia

Currently the Social Media Editor for The Mirror, Aaron is a freshman who joined the journalism program last August. Besides journalism, Aaron enjoys practicing stringed instruments and playing sports such as tennis and track and field. He loves to build gundam model kits and to play Hearthstone. Aaron listens to multiple genres of music like R and B and alternative rock.   ...

Stefanie Tyo, Layout Editor

Stefanie Tyo

Stefanie Tyo is senior and the Layout editor for the newspaper and the website. She was Chief Copy Editor last year for the Journalism team at Van Nuys High School.  She has been in journalism for four consecutive years starting in the ninth grade.  Outside of Journalism Stefanie plays club soccer and volunteers at Tarzana Hospital. Besides writing feature stories for The Mirror, she also enjoys...

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