At-home covid testing kits now available to students and faculty

Regardless of vaccination status, the district made the decision to require students and faculty who are returning to campus to get a baseline tests covid-19 test from an approved testing side. Alternatively, at-home covid-19 testing kits issued by the district while also now be considered an approved form of testing.



NEGATIVE! At-home tests issued by the district are the newest approved form of baseline testing.

What is happening | Students looking to get their baseline covid-19 test before school resumes were met with a two-and-a-half-hour wait, with the line wrapping around the block.  For those looking for a quicker alternative, however, the school is offering at-home rapid PCR kits that are considered valid forms of baseline testing.

Why does this matter | Most people are unaware of this alternative form of testing. For those looking to skip the long waits, waiting to receive these at-home PCR kits takes no longer than 20 minutes. Located at the entrance to the campus on Gilmore Street, there are two ways to get the kit. Individuals can wait in line against the fence or those who do not want to get out of their cars can wait in the queue.

Who does this apply to | Both on-campus and at-home covid testing is only available for LAUSD students and faculty.