Changes made to the Monday bell schedule

After ongoing deliberations regarding the obstacles posed by Monday’s alternating schedules, the School Based Management team made modifications to the Monday bell schedule.

Temporary changes have been made to the Monday bell schedule. As of Jan. 25, students and faculty will begin a four week trial in which they attend all six class periods on Mondays.

According to Principal Yolanda Gardea, such changes have been considered for quite some time by the School Based Management team, which is primarily composed of faculty members including the school principal, deputy principal, the heads of department and senior teachers.

“There was a discussion among School Based Management about the Monday schedule last semester, and it got brought up again,” Principal Gardea said.

Students seemed to be frustrated with the previous schedule, triggering the recent adjustment.

“A lack of consistency was the main issue,” Principal Gardea said. “Some students missed Monday’s classes because they got frustrated not knowing whether it was an even or an odd day. The alternation was simply not consistent.”

During the next four weeks, students will attend all six class periods for 29 minutes each, without any student advisory periods. This new schedule also consists of three minute passing periods. Lunch will begin at 12:09 p.m. and will be followed by teachers’ office hours, as well as school faculty meetings. More details about the Monday bell schedule can be found posted in the calendar on the Van Nuys Senior High Homepage.

At the end of the four week trial, students and faculty will have the opportunity to respond to an optional survey in order to decide what the bell schedule on Mondays should further look like.

“The Monday schedule will be used over the course of four weeks, and then teachers and students will take a survey to determine if we should continue attending all six periods on Monday or go back to alternating blocks,” Principal Gardea said. “This is so that we have information on which to base our decision.”

“We only ask that everyone have an open mind to this trial schedule.”