Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! Americans are gun-crazy and firearm ownership has proliferated, but how many more mass shootings do we have to endure before enough is enough?

Black Like Me

FEATURED ARTICLE Black Like Me FEATURE: Devorah Porter shares an exclusive insight to her experience with racial profiling. By Devorah Porter | Guest WriterFebruary 09, 2017 The routine of school is infamous for its spirit drainage of the young and ongoing strenuous...

Space Battles and Porgs

The new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer gives fans the chills.

Armed Officers and Stricter Regulation: Our Last Resort for Safety

Shootings are on the rise. Schools have been targeted. Now is the time to take action.

Justice Will Be Served

Check out the epic sneak peek of “Justice League.”

Champions Filming On Campus
FILMING: NBC’s new television show occupies school grounds.

ACADEC Team Proceeds to State
ACADEC: Van Nuys advances to state after competing in the annual Academic Decathlon city competition.

Savings for a Rainy Day
CALIFORNIA: Governor Brown’s new budget uses a massive surplus for projects and puts money in the bank.

Viral Phenomenon: A Rough Flu Sesason
HEALTH: A devastating 2017-2018 flu season has claimed many lives and hospitalized thousands.

Black History Month: African Americans In Times of War
CULTURE: The L.A. Unified School District has established an official theme for 2018’s Black History Month.

Up For The Challenge
CAPTAINS: Team Captains Tyree Winborn and Ethan Quiambio share their key strategies going into the playoffs.

Hello Mr. Duncan, Goodbye Ms. Ravitch
MUSIC: Getting to know the music substitute Mr. Andrew Duncan.

Stages of Learning: Straight Outta UCLA
STAGE TECH: Van Nuys High School receives a new face on campus: Mr. Ron Green.

Proposition 67
BLOGS: The anniversary of the passing of Prop 67 recycles through California.


Poland’s Attack on Free Speech
BLOGS: In An Attempt to Save Face and Alter History, Poland Bans Free Speech Concerning the Holocaust.


The Dominance Continues
BOYS BASKETBALL: A late rally in the fourth, seals a playoff victory for Van Nuys.

Next Stop: Playoffs
Boys Basketball Playoff Preview

Seniors Shine in their Farewell
Van Nuys Girls Basketball v. Reseda High School

Down Goes the Cougars
Van Nuys Girls Basketball v. John F. Kennedy High School

Cougars get Mauled by Wolves
Van Nuys Boys Basketball v. John F. Kennedy High School

Perfect No More
Van Nuys Girls Basketball v. San Fernando Senior High

Wolves Rule Supreme
Van Nuys Boys Basketball v. San Fernando Senior High

Up for the Challenge
Van Nuys Boys Basketball Winter Roundup

The CW

What a Shocker
REVIEW: Find out how the electrifying premiere of “Black Lightning” impressed fans.

Marching to Success
BAND & DRILL: The Long Awaited “Agitation of Creation” Puts VNHS In Second Place of the LAUSD Band and Drill Team Championships.

Prepare to be Punished
REVIEW: “The Punisher” is not exactly your average superhero story.

A World Without God, The End Is Here
DC COMICS: Find Out What DC Has Planned in “Doomsday Clock.”

Justice Has Been Served
DC COMICS: The iconic DC superhero team makes it to the big screen.

Woo Han

Speak Out and Stand Together
#METOO: The cascade of claims alleging sexual misconduct has overwhelmed the media and emboldened people to stand in solidarity against the assailants.

The Battle Over Net Neutrality
WEB: A free and open internet is at risk. After December, millions of internet users will be barred from websites and applications that were once freely available.

The Power of a Picture
SOCIAL MEDIA: Do the consequences of social networking outweigh its benefits?

Tax Bill 101
LEGISLATION: What you need to know about the GOP tax bill.

A Vegan’s Lifestyle
LIFESTYLE: Is leading a vegan lifestyle the solution to environmental deterioration?


Our Beloved Friends
FRIENDS: Is the iconic sitcom homophobic, transphobic or sexist?

Trump’s Harsh Truth
TRUMP: Why Donald Trump’s “sh–hole” comment was justified.

A Racist for President
TRUMP: Why Donald Trump was in the wrong with his “sh–hole” comment.

A Silent Epidemic
DRUGS: With thousands of citizens dying every year from opioid overdoses, President Trump has yet to appoint a director to the DEA and declare a more…

Marijuana’s Big Win
DRUGS: When you think about it, marijuana really is the true winner of this year’s election.

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Theresa Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen

Kavi Suri (12th):
“Well, as a person, who values the opportunity to overthrow a government that severely infringes upon its citizen’s rights, I believe that gun control should be limited to people psychologically well enough to brandish a firearm.”

Edward Seradaryan (11th):
“The amount of guns people can own needs to be limited. Too many guns are too dangerous. People should only have 5 guns.”

Emmanuel Nieva (11th):
“Ever since Vegas people will see how easy it is to commit mass murder. People are going to be more likely to commit mass murder now. We should take people’s guns away because now people are going to do this more often. “

Jenisa Chuayjarernsook (12th):
“In my opinion, I think that they should abolish all arms and just keep it for the military. The military is used for our national defense but as long as everyone has access to the weapons, shootings will continue to happen and it will cause us to go against each other as well.”

Anais Unanyan (9th):
“I believe it would be great to diminish guns, but it’s impossible. People with criminal records should not have access to guns to prevent violence and mass shooting.”

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