LGBTQ+ Videos Go Missing with Youtube’s Newest Update

April 25, 2017

FEATURE : The LGBTQ+ community is uproarious after the censorship of their content.

Teenagers Who Changed the World

April 24, 2017

FEATURE : Who says young people can’t be activists or even win a Nobel Prize if they put their minds to it?

Behind the Curtains: Beauty and the Beast

April 21, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: Van Nuys High School’s Actors in Action recreated the magical Disney film into a sensational Broadway-style musical with help from the orchestra, Dance and Vocal Departments, stagecraft and design crew, and live concert production team.


Van Nuys Full In Bloom

April 21, 2017

PHOTOS: Aesthetic flowers blossom at Van Nuys High School as students and staff are mezmerized by their beauty during springtime.

To Pee or Not to Pee

April 19, 2017

FEATURE:  Trump interprets the Education Amendment to restrict transgender students from using their preferred restroom facility.

The Great Pineapples on Pizza Debate

April 19, 2017

FEATURE:  Insight into how the great pineapple on pizza debate began and how VNHS students feel about it.

Java Giant’s Promise to Refugees Shortchanges Veterans

April 6, 2017

OPINION: The effort to employ 10,000 refugees should be redirected to aid American servicemen instead.

VNHS Got Talent

April 6, 2017

PHOTOS: EduCare presented the talent show in the Donna Hubbard Auditorium where VNHS students gathered to show off their skills.

An Unforgettable “Thirteen Reasons Why”

April 6, 2017

The new Netflix show, based on the wildly popular teen novel, takes high school suicide to a whole different level.


Chelsea Ma’s Personal Thoughts

March 24, 2017

FIRST PERSON: A peek into the mindset of the winner on Project Runway Junior Season 2

Wolves Maul Tigers

March 21, 2017

BOY’S VOLLEYBALL: Both Boy’s Varsity and JV volleyball teams defeat San Fernando in close matches

The Spartans Conquer the Wolves

March 21, 2017

SPORTS: Sylmar crushes Varsity 13-2 in first league play

Another Loss for the Golf Team

March 21, 2017

SPORTS: Van Nuys Boy’s team once again falls short of a victory, losing 301-231.

Breaking Out

March 21, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: “Prison Break,” a smart heist-drama, offers incredible acting and storytelling as it enters its fifth season.

Farewell, Wolverine

March 15, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: “Logan” Claws its way up to a dark conclusion.

All About the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

March 15, 2017

FEATURE: Discover what the cadets in blue do and what they stand for as a program.

A British Man Talks American Politics

March 16, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT:“Last Week Tonight” gives viewers a humorous break from hyper-intense politics. BY MADISON BROWN

Mayor Eric Garcetti Reelected

March 14, 2017

NEWS: Citizens vote to incorporate new measures to their city.

Wolves Eliminated from State Championships

March 10, 2017

BASKETBALL PLAYOFFS: Kevin Hurlic’s 17 points is not enough to move the team past first round.

The Wolves Maul the Jaguars

March 13, 2017

GIRL’S SOFTBALL: Varsity prevails against Fulton, 6-1.

Boy’s Golf Team Pictures

March 13, 2017

PHOTOS: Van Nuys Boy’s Golf Team competes against Reseda’s.

Sweden’s Great Multicultural Experiment

March 9, 2017

OPINION: Sweden’s thrown their country away in a useless humanitarian effort.

Archie’s World Turned Upside-Down

March 9, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: The iconic comic series undergoes huge changes as it debuts on the CW.

Film Showcase Photos

March 8, 2017

PHOTOS: The VNHS Film Student Crew projected their annual Spring Film Showcase. The genres include action, drama, comedy, horror, romance, and science-fiction. BY THERESA NGUYEN


Class of ’54: Robert Redford Robert Redford is a an acclaimed actor, director, producer, businessman, and an alumnus of Van Nuys High. BY KESHAN HUANG

More College Offerings New agreement with College district will result in more offerings on campuses. BY KESHAN HUANG

Van Nuys High Hosts First Open House Mixer The Magnet Program invites prospective families to an Open House Mixer to learn more about the school. BY KESHAN HUANG

First Magnet Open House Magnet program promotes opportunities available at Van Nuys High School. BY TOMMY CHAN

An Unforgettable Night in Neverland The 2016 Homecoming Dance is a magical moment under the stars on the campus quad. “The quad looked beautiful… BY STEPHANIE TYO

College Season is Upon Us Are college fees a hindrance to high school students? BY EZRA KIM

Hear the Buzz of the Day? he honeybees flying from their beehive in the main building created a distraught situation for students passing by but were taken care of by pest control specialists. BY KESHAN HUANG

Parent Center’s First Parent School Trip Aims to give parents the experience of what their child will go through after high school. BY TYLER JUNG & EZRA KIM

AcaDec’s Onwards to Victory The Van Nuys AcaDec team competed in the annual city competition. BY JEEHYUN KIM & JI YEONG PARK

Unqualified Hostile to Education Meet the billionaire who’s goal is to dismantle public education in the U.S. BY TYLER JUNG & KHRISTA SAYO

Mixed Results at Science OlympiadThe VNHS Science Olympiad team misses qualifying for state finals. BY THERESA NGUYEN & SHIMLA RAHMAN

Eliminated From StatesAfter months of preparation, VNHS Science Bowl team loses the chance to go to States. BY TOMMY CHAN & YERIN OH

Spidey at VNHSAfter months of preparation, VNHS Science Bowl team loses the chance to go to States. BY KESHAN HUANG & ELISSA CHOI & KHRISTA SAYO

National Recognition for VNHSVNHS is now one of 10 schools in the entire district to receive the Magnet Schools of America (MSA) Distinction Award. BY WOO HAN


Our New A-G Office Staff A-G Counselors implement new strategies to increase Van Nuys’ graduation rate.   BY SHAYDA SHEVIDI & WOO HAN

VN’s Bronze-Star Patriot Colonel Flynn is in charge of the Van Nuys High School’s Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (JROTC).   BY KESHAN HUANG & TYLER JUNG

Meet the New Staff for ELD Two staffs tackle new jobs, new responsibilities, and new environments.   BY CHANDLER BEON & AMANDA GODFREY

Adieu to Dr. Terarakelyan The two year push to implement a Restorative Justice is winding down.   BY WOO HAN


Where Does the Money Go? Running Van Nuys High School is expensive and complicated. Find out how the school’s money gets spent.  BY AMANDA GODFREY & CHANDLER BEON

The Controversy Over Freedom of SpeechThe debate about whether or not the Pledge of Allegiance violates our first amendment rights and insight into student opinions.  BY SHAYDA SHEVIDI

The Voices of Van Nuys Find out more about the voices behind the morning announcements and what it takes to speak to thousands of students every day.  BY JENISA CHUAYJARERNSOOK

Legalization of Marijuana Recreational marijuana legalized in states like California but not for high school students.  BY KESHAN HUNAG & ELISSA CHOI

Insignt into the Helpful Parent Center Recreational marijuana legalized in states like California but not for high school students.  BY TOMMY CHAN & EZRA KIM

The Devil’s Advocate The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, is pushing for After School Satan Clubs to be established in public schools.  BY AMANDA GODFREY

How Safe is Our School? Take a closer look into how our school is kept safe.  BY SHAYDA SHEVIDI & WOO HAN

Restoring Relationships with Restorative Justice Restorative Justice provides meaningful opportunities for students to develop self-discipline and positive behavior in a caring and supportive environment.  BY WOO HAN

Students Give Teachers a LessonStudents win against the teachers 27-25 in an intense Students vs. Teachers basketball game hosted in the big gym.  BY ANTONIO IBARROLA

Birth of a Nation?As President Trump begins to implement extreme policies that are potentially detrimental to the California, a growing movement to secede is receiving increasing support.  BY MHAR TENORIO & WOO HAN

Restorative Justice In, Suspensions OutWith the implementation of a new program, there has been only one suspension for the 2016-2017 school year as of January, impressive for a campus of nearly 3,000 students. BY WOO HAN

School Under ScrutinyVNHS is being put under the microscope as officials check for compliance with the Federal Title 1 program. BY WOO HAN

A Day Without ImmigrantsAll undocumented residents, citizens, and immigrants to boycott from daily activities on Thursday, Feb. 16 in light of Trump’s recent immigration bans in certain countries. BY TYLER JUNG

Locking Down the SATCollege Board plans to heighten test security because of cheating problems. BY KESHAN HUANG & TYLER JUNG

ICE; Know Your RightsImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been conducting raids throughout Southern California, especially in areas nearby. BY SHAYDA SHEVIDI

Muslims Not WelcomeTurns out President Trump is finally putting words, promises and Tweets into action. But, for the worst. BY SHAYDA SHEVIDI & KESHAN HUANG


Identity Politics
Trump and Clinton are pitting one group against another avoiding policy matters BY JACK BECKMAN-SMITH

45th “President” of the U.S.?
The first President of the United States who has never held public office nor served in the military.  BY KESHAN HUANG & TYLER JUNG

Donald Trump, For America
Trump’s policy and stances may be more moderate than you’ve been lead to believe.  BY JACK BECKMAN-SMITH

Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric
Undocumented student expresses her opinions and feelings toward President-Elect’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.  BY GUADALUPE PEREZ

Russian Hackers or Champions of Liberty?
The political elite are in disarray after their shadowy interactions.  BY JACK BECKMAN SMITH

Ode to Obama
A champion of minority rights and affordable healthcare rides into the sunset after completing his 8-year term as president.  BY SHIMLA RAHMAN

Fighting for Human Rights
Millions of people around the world take part in the Women’s March for Equality the day after President Trump is sworn in to protest the new administration. This is one student participant’s perspective on the experience.  BY KHRISTA SAYO

Inaugurating America’s 45th President
The inauguration of President Donald J. Trump sparks various passionate responses from across the nation. While some applaud him for his success, many others aren’t afraid to show their distaste. BY TYLER JUNG

Premature Parenthood
Making birth control more accessible for teenagers does not undermine a parent’s authority or lead to more sex; Instead, it actually leads to fewer pregnancies. BY MARGARITA HOVSEPYAN


Power 106 Celebrities Help Fundraise
The Van Nuys Basketball teams participate in a celebrity game featuring YouTuber Alex Wassabi.  BY BRIAN CLAVIO

Wolves Eliminated from Playoffs
CIF FLACS ends in disappointment for Wolves.  BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Wolves Beat Panorama Pythons
The Boy’s Varsity Basketball Squad holds perfect record in league games after beating Panorama.  BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Wolves Blow Out the Tigers by 43 Points
The Boy’s Varsity Basketball Squad maintains their perfect record in league games after beating San Fernando.  BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Wolves Suffocate Reseda Regents
The VNHS Boys’ Varsity Basketball squad continues their conference winning streak to 6-0 with another dominating performance.  BY BRIAN CLAVIO & ANTONIO IBARROLA

Spartans Succeed in Beating the Wolves
Despite the return of star guard Tyree Winborn, the Boy’s team falls apart in the final period for a 64-60 loss against the Sylmar Spartans. BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Tigers Whimper in Defeat
With star guard Tyree Winborn regaining momentum, Van Nuys Wolves score 86-42 and win against the San Fernando Tigers BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Captain Hitter
 Meet Boy’s Varsity Volleyball captain, John Galvan, who is to enter this year’s season. BY ARIANA RODRIGUEZ & LAUREN WOOLSEY

Wolves Sink Pirates
Division leader in points, Tyree Winborn scores 35 for a major victory, as team advances to semifinals for third year straight. BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Wolves Head to Finals
Wolves head to their first finals under Coach Porter. Leading scorer Tyree Winborn scores 26 for semi-final win. BY NAZARET JAREKIAN

Wolves Win City Championship
Van Nuys Varsity Team headed to State Playoffs after Tyree Winborn drops 41 points in defeating Sotomayor 73-56. BY NAZARET JAREKIAN


New Campus Craze
The Mannequin Challenge is a popular social trend at Van Nuys High School.  BY KEVIN MO

The Life of Japanese Americans During WWII
The history of Japanese Internment camps through the voices of Van Nuys students. BY THERESA NGUYEN & JENISA CHUAYJARERNSOOK

Till Death Do Us Part
Discover one of Vincent Bugliosi’s prosecutions that shocked the people of Los Angeles. BY LUCAS SHIM

John Wick: Chapter 2
The action thriller is back in theatres for a sequel, making all of its viewers ask for more. “John Wick: Chapter 2” is just as successful as its prequel. BY TY WILLIS

Project Runway Junior Season 2 Champion: VNHS’s Own Chelsea Ma
Junior fashion designer takes home the prizes as the winner, along with a free trip to Italy. BY JENISA CHUAYJARERNSOOK & CHANDLER BEON

Things Get Stranger & Stranger
Find out more about the successful first season of Stranger Things. BY LUCAS SHIM

Must See: A New Musical Classic
JDamien Chazelle’s second feature film is a well celebrated modern age classic.  BY MADISON BROWN

A Controversial News
The Thriller you’ve been waiting for is jam-packed with personality, but is it worth the price of admission? Split is now playing in theatre.  BY LINDSAY TIDMARSH


Winter Wonderland: Senior Picnic
The seniors picnic, Winter Wonderland, provided students with food, performances, and entertainment.  BY ELIZABETH ORTIZ

Black History Month
The VNHS Music Program honors the contribution of the African-American culture with poetry recitals, dance and band performances, and vocals of the Vannaires  BY TOMMY CHAN & THERESA NGUYEN

PHBAO Night (2/16)
Parents pick up their child’s 5-week progress report card and discuss their performances with teachers.  BY THERESA NGUYEN

WASC Visits
Tommy Chan on April 24, 2017

Celebrating Sustainability
Tommy Chan on April 24, 2017

Vocal Department Awarded
Jenisa Chuayjarernsook on April 21, 2017

New ASB Officers
Mayra Macias on April 18, 2017

The Tigers Devour the Wolves
Antonio Ibarrola on April 5, 2017

Vocal Department Presents Spring Concert
Jenisa Chuayjarernsook on April 4, 2017

Fighting Tardiness: Closing Gilmore Student Parking Lot
Tommy Chan on March 22, 2017

Talent Show Sign-Ups
Jenisa Chuayjarernsook on March 22, 2017

Young Sheldon Filming Features Jim Parsons
Khrista Sayo and Keshan Huang on March 22, 2017

Federal Program Monitoring Results for VNHS
Tyler Jung on March 22, 2017

Boy’s Varsity Tennis First Win of Season
Brian Clavio on March 11, 2017

GradNite at Disneyland
Jeehyun Kim on March 7, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Musical
Jenisa Chuayjarernsook on February 22, 2017


Boy’s VarsityBasketball

 Van Nuys 76Sotomayor 56