Conan Gray’s “Found Heaven” seeks peace after heartache

Superstar Conan Gray’s third and latest pop album, “Found Heaven,” is leaving fans wanting more of his heartbroken tracks.
Conan Grays newest album Found Heaven explores the rollercoaster of emotions he felt during his first known relationship and breakup.
Conan Gray’s newest album “Found Heaven” explores the rollercoaster of emotions he felt during his first known relationship and breakup.

Watch out as Conan Gray takes his spin on ‘80s pop with his latest album, “Found Heaven!” 

Many know Gray from his songs “Heather” and “Maniac.” True fans such as myself remember his beginnings as a YouTube vlogger in his tiny Texas hometown when he created his first EP, “Sunset Season.” 

Now, almost seven years after the release of his first semi-viral song “Idle Town,” Conan Gray is a household pop name. 

Following his first EP,  a medium-length album, Gray continued to grow his audience by releasing his first album “Kid Krow” and his sophomore album “Superache.” The internet sensation “Heather” from “Kid Krow” massively increased his following. 

Fans suspected a third album was to come during the middle of his Superache World Tour. During that time, Gray began releasing singles from “Found Heaven.” The four singles, “Never Ending Song,” “Killing Me,” “Lonely Dancers” and “Alley Rose,” gave fans an insight into the new and more mature Gray sound. 

Gray is well-known for his heartbreaking songs. From the beginning of his career, his knack for truthful and heartbreaking lyrics has been present, as shown in “Astronomy.”

“Found Heaven” is Conan Gray’s third studio album. The album includes 13 tracks, all with a unique take on the quintessential ‘80s pop vibe.   

Classic ‘80s songs such as Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” David Bowie’s “Modern Love” and  Men Without Hat’s “The Safety Dance” have the same production style and overall vibe of the album. 

The title track “Found Heaven” starts off the album. The song introduced us to the loud pop songs that compose the album, abandoning the “sad whisper songs” that Gray is most known for.

A significant theme represented in his career is heartache. Before this album, Gray had never been in a relationship, so all of the songs were about the hope of loving someone and the feeling he was unlovable.

Gray details his first heartbreak in songs like “Forever With Me” and “Eye of the Night.”

“Forever With Me” reflects on the reality of heartbreak.

“I ain’t sorry. I wouldn’t change a thing, but it’ll take a lifetime to get better” 

“Eye of the Night” describes the more lingering effects of a relationship, figuratively and literally. 

“I hear your heartbeat bleedin’ through the floor, the memories that I cannot ignore”

“Alley Rose” highlights the broader range in Gray’s vocals, allowing him to sing his heart out in the ballad. Never before has Gray showcased his deeper range, allowing him to go all-out on this song and album.

“The way you kissed me hot and fast, I knew it’d be the last,” describes the heartbreak that launched the album’s creation. “With some staying light to contrast the pain”

“Boys and Girls” shows how Conan Gray can still reminisce on his angst while keeping the vibe light and fun.

“Ch-cherry hair, so super Bowie, Kiss me but swears that she doesn’t know me, You wouldn’t care if I fell over and die”

Overall, this album was another hit by Conan Gray. The ‘80s aesthetic of this album era fits Conan and his persona so well. He dived right into the genre without hesitation, and it shows. 

The aesthetic of this album lets Conan perfectly describe the beauty in the sadness of saying goodbye to a loved one, while not always being a sad ballad.

Conan took the once mythological presence of romance on his albums and made it real by describing the truths of his first known breakup.

Through passionate lyrics and catchy instrumentals, the album can easily be listened to on and on again. 

My Rating: 10/10

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