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Passionate about the arts since she was very young, Ms. Lief is now a mentor for future generations of theatrical artists.

Theater teacher Ms. Mollie Lief

The theater teacher details a behind the scenes perspective of her passion for teaching, directing and partaking in all elements related to the stage.
By Emma Salehi, Staff WriterPublished October 3, 2021
Passionate about the arts from the beginning, Ms. Lief now mentors the next generation of wolves to embrace the stage.
Devilish! An anonymous individual removed a soap dispenser from one of the school’s bathrooms and positioned it on a tree stump in plain view of students.

Vandalistic Tik Tok movement targets schools

Youth have begun engaging in mischievous theft and debasement in hopes of gaining attention on social media.
By Allison Antonio, Staff WriterPublished September 30, 2021
The viral TikTok trend identified as “Devious Licks” is rapidly spreading throughout California's schools, eliciting negative responses from students and staff.
Connecting her passions with calligraphy

Connecting her passions with calligraphy

Shriya Pattapu talks about exploring one of her hobbies by starting a new club
By Nathan Han, Online Editor-in-ChiefPublished November 25, 2020
Shriya Pattapu hopes to foster interest in calligraphy among her fellow students.
History teacher Daniel Klain is interacting with his students during his zoom 2nd period class on November 13, 2020.

PHOTO STORY | Teaching from campus during a pandemic

They're in the classrooms while students remain at home
By Ivan Delgado, Photo EditorPublished November 13, 2020
Some teachers have chosen to work from their classrooms as covid-19 rages on while their students attend school virtually from home
End of the show.

Performing in a quarantine

The performing arts department continues to create and perform despite disturbances brought on by the covid-19 pandemic
By Briana Jasso and Anzhela HarutyunyanPublished November 6, 2020
Performing Arts teachers have succeeded in teaching their students during the pandemic.
Teachers Have Friends Too

Teachers Have Friends Too

By Inesa Sargsyan and Janessa BisarraPublished March 25, 2019
Students aren’t the only ones who get to laugh, joke and gossip with their buddies.
Ms. Fuhrman showing a newspaper

Ms. Fuhrman: A Former Weightlifting Champion

Teacher. Trainer. Weightlifter.
By Christian WalshPublished March 13, 2019
Before she began her teaching career at Van Nuys, Ms. Diana Fuhrman was among the young women aiming to train the Olympics.
Shano and Osorio

UTLA-LAUSD Agreement: What Do Our Teachers Think?

Did UTLA make the right call?
By Lucas ShimPublished March 9, 2019
The teachers of Van Nuys share their own opinions about the UTLA strike and agreement.
A half eaten rotten apple.

Our Nation Doesn’t Value Teachers. That’s a Problem.

By Stefanie TyoPublished March 5, 2019
The devaluation of teachers has reached an all time high that may very well impact education as a whole.
Van Nuys teachers picket in front of the school the first day of the strike, January 14.

UTLA Strike Over

By Zoe RodriguezPublished January 22, 2019
More than a week since UTLA members first left their classrooms, the district and union have finally settled.
Ms. Reesa Partida

Ms. Partida: Teacher, Dancer, Triathlete

By Jessica Eusebio, Entertainment EditorPublished October 31, 2018
As a dance teacher and a well-rounded athlete, Ms. Reesa Partida pursues numerous athletic activities to train her body for triathlons, aerial acrobatics and much more.
Ms. Elizabeth Sterling and Ms. Etleva Hasa

Faculty Participates in UTLA Action

Published October 10, 2018
Teachers and other staff members passed out flyers before school on Oct. 10 in a show of support for union demands.
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