Fart bombs infiltrate Van Nuys High School

Fart bombs were thrown into classrooms by a student.



On May 4th, 2023, the main building fell victim to a series of stink bomb pranks, leading to some classrooms getting ventilated.

On May 4, multiple teachers were victims of fart bombs being released in their classrooms. 

According to Ms. Sadighi, the perpetrator threw the packaged fart bomb into her opened classroom door towards the end of lunch. These bombs were reported to be sold at an ice cream truck by Van Nuys High School. 

McGill University and other research sources have labeled fart bombs as being a threat to campus. Its immediate effect is a pungent rotten eggs smell that annoys students, teachers and administrators but it also contains chemicals that can cause extreme danger. One is hydrogen sulfide which is extremely flammable and highly toxic.

Southern California Code of Laws specifically stated in Section 16-7-160 that it is unlawful for a person, other than a peace officer, to be engaged with stink bombs or any similar devices due to possible injury or to prevent a fear induced riot.

In order to deal with the fart bombs released on campus, Plant Manager Mr. Giovanni Mendez along with other custodians used fans to remove the odor that surrounded the teachers’ classrooms.