Students and teachers get ready for exams at AP Camp

Mock exams, practice problems and games are some highlights of the AP camp retreat taking place on campus over the weekend.



Students from different classes will be seperated into different areas of the school including the cafeteria, big and small gym.

What is happening | AP Camp, an event organized by magnet coordinator Ms. Dawn Brown, will be held this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. here on campus, in preparation for AP exams from May 2-6 and May 9-13. The original location, Malibu Canyon, is no longer being used due to it being burned down from the Woosley wildfire that took place in Los Angeles. 

Classes such as AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics will be participating. There will be breakfast, lunch and activities, but LAUSD is not approving overnight camps as a covid-19 safety precaution.

On the first day of the event, Saturday, students will be given a review package filled with practice problems and go over topics they don’t understand. Mock AP exams will also be held, followed by lunch and a break. During their break, they will take part in games such as a tug-of-war tournament, a game called “Find My Herd” and a water balloon toss. On Sunday, students’ mock exams will be graded. 

Why does it matter | After this camp, students will be more prepared to take the real AP exams, which will be administered in schools as paper-and-pencil exams.

Who this applies to | AP Camp is optional and applies to all AP students, of all grade levels, who signed up for the event.