Making Way For Profit

A student business retailer might be in your classroom



By day he’s in school, but at night, Dennis Galin runs his own business.

By Lucas Shim

By day, he goes to school. By night, he runs his own business.

Sophomore Dennis Galin is the co-owner of Boot_Nerd, a company that buys and sells popular shoes, such as Yeezys, Jordans and Adidas soccer cleats.

While Galin is responsible for making phone calls and setting up appointments with customers, his partner, who knows the clients, directly visits them to sell the shoes.

Founded in early 2017, the company was initiated on an Instagram account, which now consists of 52,000 followers. The account consists of photos that advertise their products.

Not only has the company been re-selling soccer cleats worn and signed by famous soccer players, including David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, but they have sold limited quality soccer cleats to them as well. The company’s continuous retail of high prices and large profits earns an average of $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

Galin became interested in finance and business after reading books and articles on stocks since early childhood.

“I began to realize that when you start to buy more shoes and sell them, it allows you to gain a lot of money so I can really save up for my future,” said Galin.

Surrounded by his friends and family, his job has influenced his social life at school where many students have become aware about his company’s popular products. Despite his parents having no interests in business or finance like Dennis does, they still try to support him as much as they can.

“Whenever I have freetime, I try to focus on this and I try to make myself money to save up for my future,” said Galin.

Although the company is only selling shoes, Galin has some ideas to upgrade his business. He thought of the idea of selling shirts and apparel with their company logo, which would be an advertising technique.

The company’s current goal is to open a flagship store by the end of the year, which would attract more customers and promote their online business as well.

Although Galin is the co-owner of the business, he is also enrolled in the JROTC program. By finishing his academic work on time and saving business for later, Galin still prioritizes his school assignments.

“There are other workers who can replace me if I’m not available so I can show them what needs to be done,” said Galin.

But in the meantime, Dennis Galin has yet to plan for his long-term goal: to major in business and become an investment maker.

“If they really want to do something, they should really try to focus on it and do whatever they can to get as much help to pursue that field.”