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Goodbye Van Nuys and hello Baja, California! Mazin is moving to the beach to get away from all the craziness and take time for herself.

Special Education Coordinator Ms. Karyn Mazin

After 11 years of working at our school, Ms. Mazin is going to retire and seek new opportunities for herself down at the beach.
By Emma Salehi, Current Events/Features Staff WriterPublished October 22, 2021
"I just want to enjoy the peace that surrounds me and just focus on good mental health as well as physical health."
The pressures of school life can become extremely challenging for everyone, and these students share their unique stories about how they have-and have not- recieved support.

Fill Your Life with Spice | Episode 2: Student Expectations

Andrea, Vannesa, and Isabella dive into the daily pressures in an average student's life.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 5, 2021
Generational differences between parents and students can occasionally cause teens to feel their own struggles are being less understood.
PAJAMA DAY: Sebastian Estrada, Ella Robinson and Kaylyn Majers are decked out in their pajamas to kick off spirit week.

Spirited with pride | Students participate in Spirit Week

Students wore themed outfits for the week leading up to the Homecoming football game and parade and — now postponed — dance.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished October 1, 2021
Take a look at some of the outfits from this year's Spirit Week.
Wearing a white wedding veil, AP Research student Marvin Ocampo performs his wedding vows to marry his research topic of eye care in LAUSD students for the year.

‘Here’s to the happy couple!’: AP Research students marry their research topics

Mr. Goins's AP Research students married the topics they will be researching for the year by conducting wedding vows.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished September 29, 2021
AP Research students spent two days performing wedding vows to marry their research topics for the school year.
BEFORE THE FALL The twin towers in lower Manhattan in New York City dominated the skyline before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The twenty year anniversary: Teachers reflect on the September 11 attacks.

Sergeant Martinez, Colonel Flynn, and Mr. Mitchell share their unique perspectives as teachers.
By Nathan Han , Online Editor in ChiefPublished September 10, 2021
Teachers talk about how they heard about the event and how it continues to affect them in 2021.
The Key Club poses for the camera as they keep interested students informed about their club.

Club Rush: Students rush to find new circles

Dozens of clubs circle the quad to attract potential members.
By Beverly Regino, Photo EditorPublished September 10, 2021
ASB holds their first in person event of the year.
Gover Olivares is performing his monologue for the role of Cedric. “I’m auditioning for Cedric, he’s such a fun and energetic character. Hes so upbeat and full of energy because I think that I could match it. But if I dont get Cedric I’m happy with whoever I get because Puffs is an amazing play.”
“I’m excited, I’m ready, Im pumped.”

Theater productions are returning to campus with auditions for the new play “Puffs”

Senior Michelle Levi stated that, “Im auditioning because it’s our first production back and I want to help be apart of it."
By Emma Salehi and Nathan HanPublished August 28, 2021
Being restricted by covid-19 for the last year and a half, the Actors in Action, with the guidance of theater teacher Ms. Molly Lief, are excited to get back on stage and finally put on a show after the last production of “Peter and the Starcatcher” in the Fall 2019 semester.
Mr. Crosby retires after 23 years of teaching at Van Nuys High School.

He’s history: Teacher Robert Crosby retires

A longstanding member of the teacher roster and UTLA retires.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished June 20, 2021
Mr. Crosby shares his experiences and what he loved most about being a teacher.
Helen Kim poses for her senior class picture.

Valedictorian: “The best place in the world is right here, right now.”

Advice for the graduating seniors on having big dreams and living in the moment.
By Nathan Han, Online Editor in ChiefPublished June 13, 2021
Helen Kim, one of the class of 2021’s valedictorians, delivered a speech at the senior graduation on Friday June 11th, 2021.
Naomi Lee deals with new responsibilities as the senior class president.

Senior Board President Naomi Lee’s Senior Game Plan

Naomi Lee, the class of 22's senior president, enthusiastically discusses her expectations and plans for the approaching senior year.
By Nathan Han, Online Editor in ChiefPublished May 13, 2021
Naomi Lee believes that impending deadline of senior events will motivate the class of 2022
Tidy room, tidy mind

Tidy room, tidy mind

Sometimes, the space we once thought was cozy can become claustrophobic.
By Angelica Venturina, Current Events/Features EditorPublished April 15, 2021
Here are some tips to help you get started in organizing cluttered spaces at home.
“My favorite part about being a business owner is being able to see everyone’s faces when they come to pick up their order or when I go deliver it to them.” -Amira Hassan

A look behind Ur Fave Sweets, a growing student owned small business

With a love for baking and a drive for entrepreneurship, senior Amira Hassan is building up her baked goods business.
By Jazlyn XocoxicPublished April 13, 2021
Small business Ur Fave Sweets by Amira sells a variety of desserts including colorful sprinkle coated cake pops.
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