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By Gianna Iovino, Photo Editor Jan 10, 2024

Christmas time at Disneyland holds a special place in many hearts and has helped to create millions of memories across the globe. Behind the hefty price tag comes a festive theme park full of well-known...

People with lower financial statuses might face a challenge when the season of giving rolls around and people are expected to give gifts. 

Holiday Gift-Giving is giving stress to those with less

By Docette Danialypour, Staff Writer Dec 21, 2022
Gift-giving during Christmas can feel like such a dreadful expectation, especially for those who don’t have the money to spend on gifts.
Cozy comfort films for the holiday season

Cozy comfort films for the holiday season

By Dashiell Dekker, Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor Dec 7, 2022
As the demand for holiday movies draws nearer, here is a curated list of warm and melancholic films for the month of December that you probably haven’t ever seen.
Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You has earned a staggering amount of cash since its release: $60-$70 million dollars, or about $2.5 million dollars a year since 1994 (the year of release).

All I want for Christmas is $$$

By Daimler Koch, Online Editor-in-Chief Dec 7, 2022
The yearly earache has some interesting statistics on what makes it so popular.
The reaction of the receivers makes the whole process satisfying and joyful.

Giving gifts is my favorite part of the holidays

By Kimberly Luna, Staff Writer Dec 23, 2021
With the holidays coming soon, people are preparing to celebrate Christmas and are buying gifts for their loved ones. Whether it be giving or receiving, gifts are a big part of Christmas.
Arguably a Christmas favorite for most, Home Alone follows an eight-year-old Kevin who is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for France. He is happy to be home alone, but when thieves try to break into his home, he decides to protect himself and his house.

10 must-watch Christmas movies to warm your heart

By Vannesa Machado, Staff Writer Dec 19, 2021
Sun down before 4 p.m. and hot chocolate weather calls for a Christmas movie marathon.
A playlist that encapsulates the holiday season featuring your favorite artists.

PLAYLIST | Winter classics to warm you up

By Csarina Jarencio, Podcast/Social Media Editor Dec 4, 2021
It’s the most wonderful time of the year to listen to your favorite Christmas tunes
NBA season rumored to start around Christmas

NBA season rumored to start around Christmas

By Sam Eusebio, Staff Writer Nov 11, 2020
A fast paced sport may be starting on the cheerful time of the year.
Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics

By Milton Najarro, Staff Writer Dec 12, 2019
As Christmas comes up, these movies are a must-watch to celebrate the season.
Stock Photo

Christmas Trivia: 15 Jolly Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

By Inesa Sargsyan, Staff Writer Jan 7, 2019
As far as Christmas is widely Celebrated all around the globe, there is so much about the holiday that remains unexplored.
An assortment of handmade Christmas decorations.

Jolly Activities

By Julia Pfau, Perspectives Editor Dec 10, 2018

Winter season is fast approaching and Christmas is right around the corner. Three weeks of no school is a lot of time, so why not spend the break embracing the Christmas spirit? Here’s a list of activities...

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