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“They are postponing it, not canceling it,” Ferrin said, emphasizing the prospect of the dance taking place at a later point in time.

The Homecoming Dance is still happening … just not yet

Students received new updates and answers to their burning questions regarding the indefinite Homecoming dance postponement during a meeting at lunch on Monday organized by ASB advisor Mr. Ferrin.
By Angelica Venturina, Current Events/Features EditorPublished October 4, 2021
ASB advisor answers burning questions about the recent Homecoming Dance postponement.
ASB members take down the decorative lights following the postponement announcement after spending the day setting up for the Homecoming dance.

Covid concerns cause Homecoming Dance to be postponed

An increase in covid-19 cases among students has resulted in the anticipated Homecoming dance to be indefinitely postponed, eliciting disappointment from individuals expecting to attend the event.
By Angelina Gevorgyan and Angelica VenturinaPublished October 1, 2021
Students upset after the dance is cancelled at the last-minute due to positive covid cases.
Senior Heidy Rosales-Castillo closes her eyes as she gets her first dose of the covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

California becomes the first state to require covid-19 vaccinations for students

All California students ages 12 to 17 will be required to get the covid-19 vaccine beginning next semester or the following school year as stated by Governor Newsom following FDA approval.
By Emma Salehi, Staff WriterPublished October 1, 2021
Governor Gavin Newsom announces that all students ages 12 to 17 must receive the covid vaccine by next semester.
Vaccination stations set up in the small gym allow for students and adults to get vaccinated safely.

The road to normalcy: Covid-19 vaccinations offered on campus

By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished September 29, 2021
Instead of the usual covid testing, covid vaccinations stations replaced them on Wednesday.
Track and Field Coach Fernando Fernandez speaks to runner Uriel Ruiz after a relay race. Both are wearing masks and following covid-19 guidelines.

Covid-19 | Through the eyes of vaccinated athletes

By Contreras MelaniePublished June 9, 2021

Now that Californians 12 and older are eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine, Junior and Senior athletes at VNHS are getting vaccinated in hopes of things finally returning to normal next fall. “Everything...

Mynor Hernandez

He had covid, which “definitely isn’t fake”

This senior and his family tested positive. It was a harrowing experience.
By Andre Rodas, Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished November 20, 2020
It began with an aunt who was exposed at work. But Mynor Hernandez was spared the worst as his symptoms lasted only four days.
The covid-19 vaccine de

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine shows 95% effectiveness

Drug maker Pfizer and BioNTech said their final analysis shows their vaccine is safe and 95 percent effective.
By Eleonora Badikyan, Staff WriterPublished November 18, 2020
The companies plan to apply for emergency authorization from the FDA "within days."
HAIR, HAIR, HAIR EVERYWHERE Thats some crazy covid hair!

Crazy coronavirus coiffure

Every day is kind of a bad hair day during the covid pandemic. Students reveal their 'dos and don'ts.
By Itzel Gallardo and Gwen LangiPublished November 18, 2020
Quarantine is keeping us cooped up, but students are finding ways to keep their coifs creative.
History teacher Daniel Klain is interacting with his students during his zoom 2nd period class on November 13, 2020.

PHOTO STORY | Teaching from campus during a pandemic

They're in the classrooms while students remain at home
By Ivan Delgado, Photo EditorPublished November 13, 2020
Some teachers have chosen to work from their classrooms as covid-19 rages on while their students attend school virtually from home
ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES Even though the pandemic rages in 2020, workers still have to deal with hundreds of customers a day.

Crazy covid customers demand to speak to the manager

Working in foodservice and dealing with picky customers during a pandemic is a recipe for disaster.
By Adriana Contreras, Staff WriterPublished November 10, 2020
An absolutely dreadful and dangerous time to be a service employee.
VNHS Cheerleaders performing at pep rally

Cheerleaders forced to chant from home

Covid-19 has made sports even more difficult, especially for the loudest one out there.
By Antony Nepeyvoda, Design & Layout EditorPublished November 5, 2020
Two, four, six, eight; solo practice from home doesn't work so great, especially for cheer squad.
The covid-19 pandemic has caused the CDC to suggest guidelines for Halloween this year.

How to celebrate Halloween safely during a pandemic

Covid-19 is causing Halloween to be experienced like never before, but there are still a variety of ways to celebrate this spooky holiday with your loved ones while staying safe.
By Angelina Gevorgyan, Current Events/Features EditorPublished October 22, 2020
There's a variety of ways to celebrate this spooky holiday while staying safe.
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