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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

The Mirror

Mr. McCluskeys students celebrate after two nights of a successful and fun-filled showcase.

Excelling in the art of digital media: A Showcase of creativity and innovation

By Lilit Aprahamian, Marketing Manager Jun 20, 2024
The ideas of aspiring student filmmakers in video production classes were brought to life on the big screen during the VNHS Digital Media Showcase.
Blockbuster burnout

Blockbuster burnout

By Madison Thacker, Arts/Entertainment Editor Jun 16, 2024
The dominance of adapted screenplays and sequels makes us question what truly counts as original in cinema, challenging the idea of a golden age of unmatched creativity.
President Sharlene Kaur looks over all cards made by the Golden Hearts club before giving them to Kaiser Permanente.

Touching the hearts of cancer patients one card at a time

By Mia Ramirez, Staff Jun 16, 2024
The Golden Hearts club allows its members to earn volunteer hours for making cards to bring a smile to cancer patients at Kaiser Permanente.
Quinn Hutchison: The youngest history teacher you’ve ever had

Quinn Hutchison: The youngest history teacher you’ve ever had

By Madison Thacker, Arts/Entertainment Editor Jun 16, 2024
Just by looking at the picture, you already know him. This kid doesn’t just explain, but makes, history.
For decades, Black actors have fought to be paid the same wages as their white counterparts. Viola Davis, Angela Bassset, and Taraij P. Henderson are just some of the few actors of color that have recieved unequal compensation.

Wake up Hollywood: The racial wage gap is real

By Max Sandoval, Staff Jun 8, 2024

Walking into UCLA’s Royce Hall and looking around at his coworkers, it became apparent to technical theatre professional and now teacher Ron Greene that he was one of the only two Black people there.  He...

 Hard-hitting lyrics and soft melodies: Billie Eilishs new studio album

Hard-hitting lyrics and soft melodies: Billie Eilish’s new studio album

By Mia Rodriguez and Roxana Vasquez Jun 8, 2024
In Billie Eilish’s new album, “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT”, she gives a quality, cohesive and immersive listening experience to her audience.
Devin Tanner Brown (#3) spikes the ball over the net for a kill.

Devin Tanner Brown: Volleyball athlete of the week

By Rogers Levitt, Staff Jun 8, 2024
A peek into the life of our volleyball player of the week, Devin Tanner Brown.
Senior Team Captain Kirk Uytiepo and freshman Cliff Favis giving it their all and having fun despite facing their most challenging opponents that day.

Kirk Uytiepo: Tennis athlete of the week

By Jaden Gervacio, Staff Jun 7, 2024
Showcasing Kirk Uytiepo, tennis athlete of the week
The exterior of the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California shines with a projection of the new logo of the legendary grunge band.

A “Ten out of Ten”

By Adrianna Bean, Staff Jun 7, 2024
Pearl Jam’s Dark Matter World Tour shines a light at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles
KICKED TO THE CURB Players’ skills are often literally sidelined when they’re benched, leading to frustration, dissatisfaction and, in some cases, outright quitting the team.

Stuck on the sidelines

By Chioma Chiawa, Staff Jun 3, 2024
The story of a basketball player struggling to stay off the bench.
We regret to inform you...

We regret to inform you…

By Lindsay Han, Staff May 31, 2024
Not every college that you want, wants you. Instead, what's more important is to look optimistically at the colleges that you do get accepted to and working hard to get into a better graduate program later on.
After the AP exams, students are reflecting on how it went and how their classes prepared them.

Looking back on the AP exams

By Mia Ramirez, Staff May 31, 2024
Now that the AP exams are over, students have had time to reflect on their performance and determine whether or not their teachers thoroughly prepared them.
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