All day appreciation of the arts at the DTASC Fall Festival

Performing Arts students took home two awards at the Drama Teacher’s Association of Southern California (DTASC) Fall Festival 2019 on Oct. 26. 

By Saahil Gaur, Staff Writer

Performing arts students took home two awards during the Drama Teacher’s Association of Southern California or DTASC Fall Festival 2019 on Oct. 26. 

Students from 60 schools traveled to Calabasas High School to compete in ten events–Sets & Lights, Costumes & Makeup, Graphics & Publicity, Audition Monologue, Open Comedy, African American Playwrights, A Woman’s Voice, Large Open Drama, Large Open Comedy and Open Musical.

Students Morgan Agee, Perla Bajaras and Lou Pendergrass won third place in A Woman’s Voice while Miles Hane and Nicole Garcia won an honorable mention in the Graphics & Publicity category. 

In the category A Woman’s Voice, students had to perform any play that pertained to women using only four chairs as props. The team recreated Caroline Gage’s “The 2nd Coming of Joan of Arc,” which chronicled Joan’s experience within male-dominated institutions. 

Bajaras, who competed in this category, said that winning third place came as a shock. 

“My group and I were not expecting to make it so far in the competition,” Bajaras said. “I just feel really proud of myself and my entire group because we did something no one at our school has ever done before.” 

For Graphic & Publicity, Hane and Garcia had to present a poster, a program and a plan to utilize $1000 for publicity materials for the play Amadeus in front of judges and other teams. 

Both Hane and Garcia expressed their anxieties presenting their work. 

“It was very nerve racking but once you started talking you start to build up more confidence and things start going smoothly,” said Garcia.

Taking home two awards, the group said they were proud of the results of the Fall Festival.

“When we were being called up in front of everyone, my heart started pumping but I was proud of everything we did because we both worked really hard on everything and was proud of the outcome,” Hane recalled. 

“We felt so proud of ourselves that all the late nights and working hard and stressing was worth it.” said Garcia. 

Students interested in participating in DTASC can inquire with theatre teacher and sponsor of Actors in Action Ms. Mollie Lief in Room 303.