The Mirror

Finishing up the last of her 20 AP classes and final semester, Luciana Soria-Robles is considering a possible future at
Yale, where she has
been accepted as a

From the Hallways of Van Nuys to the Corridors of Yale

By Ani Tutunjyan, Print Editor-in-Chief
Published March 17, 2020
UNAPOLOGETIC: Stemming from mixed roots, Rodriguez is unashamed of her ancestry.

Not a Mutt

By Zoe Rodriguez
Published February 1, 2019
Noah Sano performing gymnastics

From the Bar to Berkeley

By Devin Tse
Published January 14, 2019
Aaliyah Ali-Khan playing the violin

A Musical Prodigy

By Chau Tran
Published January 14, 2019
Dennis Galin

Making Way For Profit

By Lucas Shim
Published September 27, 2018

Elephant Man Poster

Published November 3, 2016
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