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The End is Here

The End is Here

Updated May 1, 2018

Fellowship of the Dog

Fellowship of the Dog

Updated April 5, 2018

Chilling Silence

Updated April 5, 2018

ENTERTAINMENT Chilling Silence MOVIES: A taciturn family of four forced to live in silence in danger of their lives. Kaitlyn Jung | Entertainment Editor April 5, 2018 If they hear you, they hunt you. “A Quiet Place” is a drama/t...

War Awaits Them

War Awaits Them

Updated March 16, 2018

Destructive Love

Updated March 15, 2018

ENTERTAINMENT Destructive Love MUSIC: The otherworldly sound that takes Lucius back to their original roots. Aaron Meija | Social Media Editor March 15, 2018 Lucius, a four-piece indie pop band, released their new ten-track acoustic ...

Stranger Danger

Updated March 8, 2018

SPORTS Stranger Danger MOVIES: A long night is ahead of them. Lucas Shim | Entertainment Editor March 8, 2018 It’s not a good idea to open the door to strangers — especially when they are murderous psychopaths. “S...

Netflix’s Own Perception of the Avengers

Updated September 6, 2017

By Lucas Shim The Mirror Entertainment Editor By Jessica Eusebio The Mirror Staff REVIEWS Netflix’s Own Perception of the Avengers August 30, 2017 REVIEWS: The Defenders manages to take superhero television to a whole new level....

Boss Baby Review

Updated May 5, 2017

By Madison Brown The Mirror Staff Writer The plot was wrapped into a sweet little box and it was obvious what this film wanted us to remember: family is family and we can’t change that. ENTERTAINMENT Boss Baby Review Janua...

Review: 13 Reasons Why

Updated April 7, 2017

By Ty Willis The Mirror Staff “There are elements of 13 Reasons Why that move toward more typical teen television storytelling, but it never fully abandons Hannah’s story in order to explore them, linking every character’s ...

Review: Prison Break

Updated March 21, 2017

By Lucas Shim The Mirror Editor-in-Chief “I began by starting in the boy scouts, I got interested in serving then.” ENTERTAINMENT Breaking Out March 21,, 2017 ENTERTAINMENT: “Prison Break,” a smart heist-drama, off...

Review: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Updated March 16, 2017

By Madison Brown The Mirror Staff “John hosts a very clean show, one you will not soon regret if you give it a chance.” ENTERTAINMENT A British Man Talks American Politics March 16, 2017 ENTERTAINMENT : A“Last Week ...

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