REVIEW | Newest hit K-drama “Squid Game” remains the top viewed show on Netflix

Take a look at the newest show the internet is raving about.



The robot doll is one of the most iconic and imitated features from the show on social media.

Would you like to play a game with me? Just kidding.

The new popular K-drama “Squid Game” soars to #1 on Netflix after airing on Sept. 17. 

Consisting of shocking thrills and gripping plot twists, the new series will leave you anticipating the next episode as it takes the world by storm. 

The series dives into the life of Seong Gi-hun, a gambling addict knee deep in debt and running from creditors. Characters including Kang Sae-byeok, Cho Sang-woo, Ali Abdul and Oh Il-nam are introduced later on.

They all are offered to play a series of games over a period of six days that would give them the opportunity to win a big sum of cash to pay off their debts and much more. 

Seong Gi-hun inevitably agrees alongside 455 competitors, unknowingly signing up for a big prize that comes with a big consequence.

It takes the competitors through six games, one game per day and allows each of them an equal opportunity to win. 

From “Red Light Green Light” to the “Dalona Candy Challenge,” the games are known to the players as games they once played years ago as kids. 

As the games progress, the larger the cash prize gets, the less people survive and the higher the stakes are. 

The question is, who comes out victorious taking all the money and keeping their life?

The show demonstrates the socio-economic hardship in the lives of the players through their willingness to put their life at stake for money. 

The economic struggle the characters experience drove all of them to the same place under not so forgiving circumstances.

“Squid Game” is an example of Korean filmmaking excellence and now available for streaming on Netflix.