An ethereal garden of “Orquídeas” blooms in Kali Uchis’s new album

The release of Uchis’s fourth studio album leaves fans wanting to listen to it on repeat until the end of time.
An ethereal garden of “Orquídeas” blooms in Kali Uchis’s new album

The new year starts with new surprises, like Kali Uchis‘s release of her new album, “Orquídeas.” 

The sudden album drop announcement was accompanied by a surprising pregnancy announcement. The singer is currently dating Don Toliver, a rapper and singer who was featured in her previous album “Red Moon in Venus” in the song “Fantasy.”

The 14-track album has different genres such as reggaeton, salsa, merengue, dembow and other Latin elements that keep listeners dancing endlessly. 

Uchis album also brings back themes of self-love that were in the previous album and shows that freeing yourself from negative people can be relieving and healing, as shown in the song “Te Mata.” 

“Te Mata” has elements of a nostalgic telenovela, or soap opera, in her music video for the song. Dramatic scenes, car explosions and camera shots with different angles showcase this familiarity. 

This song relates to those who have gone through emotional struggles with others, leaving them trapped in a toxic cycle of mental distress.

The music video and the song help convey the feeling of letting go of the negative feelings and never letting the hateful words of others get to you, like a weight that has been lifted off your shoulders.

Love is something that most of us want in our individual lives. “Tu Corazón Es Mío…” in a way shows that type of love most would want. The lyrics as well as the overall song convey the endless love for one’s partner and never leaving their side. 

The ability to become self-confident is another theme that’s expressed throughout the album, whether it be for yourself or in a relationship between lovers. In the song “Diosa,” Uchis expresses herself with unlimited confidence and self-love, giving listeners a way to boost their confidence by using this song. 

Uchis’ vocals were one of a kind when it came to each of the songs. Containing both soft vocals and energetic vocals, most of the songs felt like listening to a calming breeze, while other songs created a much-needed energy boost. 

I loved the harmonies that Uchis created in most songs that bring the ethereal feeling she is guaranteed to deliver. Even while doing homework, I felt energized and motivated to keep moving forward when I wouldn’t have otherwise.

In this album, there was not one song that I did not enjoy listening to on repeat. All the songs had a unique style that stood out to me, creating different moods and musical elements that I loved listening to. I don’t have a favorite; it’s hard to pick one when it comes to this album. 

Overall, the songs were made with so much passion and creativity that make it such an amazing listening experience.

“Orquídeas” is a wonderfully made album that is worth taking the time to listen to. Dance your heart out to its rhythms without a care in the world!

My Rating: 10/10

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  • K

    kalifan444Feb 5, 2024 at 1:49 pm

    Girlll this article really tells how ethereal this album is! Kali ate it up & I’m so happy your wrote about this beautiful album 🙂