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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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(left to right) Students Anthony Sanchez, Helen Sanabria, and Jaslene Fernandez use makeshift devices to cool down.

SoCal heat wave leaves students sweltering

As Southern California experiences one of the longest and deadliest heat waves in the state’s history, students are learning to cope with sweltering temperatures.
By Baron Kim and Cristian Mejia Sep 9, 2022

California, along with other red-hot states like Florida and Texas, is currently experiencing record-breaking temperatures. Van Nuys is inching closer and closer to the all-time record high of 118 F;...

STAGE DESIGN COACH Mr. William Potter enjoys teaching students how to express themselves artistically through design.

Q&A | New Theater Design teacher takes the stage

Mr. William Potter discusses working in China, his passion for technical theater design, and overcoming the challenges of teaching during a pandemic.
By Angelica Venturina, Print Editor-in-Chief Nov 10, 2020
Theatre design teacher William Potter joins Van Nuys High School with new goals and ambitions.

Leading the Class of ’22

Freshman Board Applications available in Room 308.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive Editor & Print Editor-in-Chief Sep 13, 2018
Freshman Board elections will take place on Oct. 10 and 11 in front of the lecture hall during lunch.
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