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The student website of Van Nuys High School
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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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An influx of squirrels can be seen in the Quad after lunch or nutrition going through trash or picking leftovers left behind by students.

Trash talk: Litter plagues campus

By Rainielle Santos, Staff Writer Aug 31, 2023
The campus at Van Nuys High School, with its grassy quad and mature shade trees, offers comfort to a diverse community, encompassing not just students and staff, but also local wildlife like birds and squirrels.
Close-up of a bass guitar during the Pops Concert.

Popping off

By Katrina Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor Jun 16, 2023
The school’s annual Pops Concert keeps audiences guessing.
A PARRY AND A SCORE Senior and varsity player Eric Heng competes against Kennedy on March 13. The game
is part of the team’s 12 game winning-streak throughout the spring semester, with an end score of 7-0.

What the racket is all about

By Emely Arevalo, Staff Writer Jun 9, 2023

Nervously awaiting his turn, freshman William Lima tightly gripped his racket. Coach Min Woo So instructed him to begin, and he positioned himself to serve the ball. However, it sailed over the fence and...


The iconic studio Disney strives to extend
the enchantment of
beloved stories, but
there’s an unfortunate
pattern of creative

The real reason Disney keeps producing terrible sequels

By Daimler Koch, Online Editor-in-Chief Jun 9, 2023
The entertainment company’s push for profits has left countless fans with abhorrent content and many of its employees with little control over the stories they’ve created.
ATTENDANCE MATTERS Student attendance bol-
sters school funding, which gives back to the

students in ways like providing more textbooks
and field trips.

The impact of attendance: More than just marks

By Olamide Olumide, News/Features Editor Jun 9, 2023
Punctuality has an unseen influence on school revenue.
‘‘Despite being ready
for a female president,
the electorate remains
hindered by ignorance and misogyny.”

The future is female, but not in America

By Docette Danialypour, Staff Writer Jun 7, 2023
Women have been eligible to run for president since 1872 and we have yet to see a woman hold the highest office.
TIK TALKING TikTok’s logo may be less
visible if Congress gets its way.

Time is ticking for TikTok

By Allison Antonio, News/Features Editor Jun 6, 2023
The future of the social media app remains uncertain, as Congress has deemed it a national security threat.
THE GREAT ILLUSION From snubbed talents to undeserved victories, it’s time to confront the ramifications of rigged awards in ceremonies like the Oscars.

How the Oscars fail to celebrate true exceptionalism

By Dashiell Dekker, Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor Jun 6, 2023
In an attempt to exempt themselves from inequality, award shows further prove their vanity and narrow-mindedness.
Lana Del Rey, with her alt-pop style, continues to release music with her ninth studio album Did You Know That Theres a Tunnel under Ocean Blvd. Released on March 24, 2023, the album is met with mostly positive reviews.

Lana Del Rey “Lets The Light In” with new album featuring love, longing and lyrical enchantment

By Katrina Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor Jun 5, 2023
Unlike other artists, Del Rey chooses to privately release new music without promotions, claiming that her purpose is simply to create music for her own enjoyment and fun. 
Striking LAUSD service worker, supported by teachers rallied in front of City Hall in downtown L.A. demanding higher wages.

Strike leads to new contract

By Zachary Skolnick, Staff Writer Jun 5, 2023
Overcoming numerous obstacles, SEIU Local 99 union members secure a wage increase and improved working conditions following a three-day work stoppage that shut down LAUSD.
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