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Sandra Sanchez, Staff Writer

Sandra Sánchez is a features article journalist. She enjoys writing and making films in her spare time. She “knows” how to make brownies. Being the president of Women's Empowerment Club, she is a huge advocate for women’s equality. She is a proud Chicana. She is an asirping humanitarian & entrepreneur. She hopes to open up an Internet cafe in New York City one day. She aspires to live in Italy one day.

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching but the day may not be the sweetest for all.

The Reality of Valentine’s Day

Published February 10, 2020
Shifting gears and rolling out with new equipment as going from announcements over the PA to live streaming are steps to a more technological future. Miguel Morales and Megan Dulkanchainun are the very first anchors for the new

Good Morning Van Nuys!

Published December 4, 2019
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