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The king of the quarantine games

By Isabela Diaz, Business Manager
Published September 27, 2020
Fall Guys gets over 100 thousand viewers every day on major streaming platforms

Fall Guys rises to the top of Summer 2020 games.

By Terrence Lazo, Staff Writer
Published September 24, 2020
Apple Arcade is a new gaming subscription from Apple that gives access to 100 exclusive games for various devices.

Apple Stepping Up Their Game

By Xavier Gonzalez, Staff Writer
Published September 29, 2019
The official poster of :

“The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”

By Andre Rodas, Print Editor-in-Chief
Published September 20, 2019
Fortnite All-Nite

Fortnite All-Nite

By Michael Phung, Staff Writer
Published April 19, 2018
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