Bored of quarantine? Try live streaming with new Facebook Gaming

Facebook releases a new live stream gaming platform that promises more interactive streaming for gamers.


The logo for Facebook Gaming.

By Kasey Kim, A&E Editor

Whether you miss interacting with your friends or love to watch other people play video games, Facebook Gaming has got you covered.

Facebook launched its new streaming app, Facebook Gaming, onto Google Play store on Mon. April 20. It is a live stream app designed for games. It is designed to immerse the viewers into the game and actively engage with streamers and friends, rather than passively watching the live stream. 

The app will also allow people to discover new games to play with friends and chat rooms to interact with other people. The app is similar to YouTube Live and Twitch but allows streamers to stream to specific Facebook pages. Facebook claims that the app is easy to use and appeals to amateur streamers and people who just want to have fun with their friends. 

Facebook Gaming will allow people to stream mobile games directly. It has released on Android and will soon be released for iOS.