Van Nuys High School under lockdown after suspected armed student

A sudden lockdown occurred at Van Nuys High School, after a 911 report was issued for a student in possession of a firearm, which was later confirmed to be a replica firearm.


At approximately 1:16 p.m, Principal DeSantiago announced that Van Nuys High School was going into lockdown due to a police report of a student with an armed gun.

The incident took place at 6535 Cedros Ave. Students were asked to find the nearest classroom due to the activity occurring during lunch hours.

At 1:18, police had entered the campus and detained a possible suspect. Air units were called overhead, and a perimeter was set up around the school.

About an hour later, students and staff were told that it was safe to come out, and it was confirmed that the firearm was a replica.

According to an officer on the scene, the student was arrested under penal code 626.10, which states that it is illegal to carry weapons on school grounds, including airsoft guns.

The student is also liable under PC 12556, which states that it is “a crime to bring dangerous weapons onto school grounds, including K-12 schools and any private or public university or college.”

In compliance with the Gun-free Schools Act of 1994, California state law requires students found with firearms while at school to be expelled for a period of at least one year.

Junior student Amina Ahmed expressed her concern throughout the process. “I felt very unsafe, but I was used to it as this has not been my first lockdown. However, I think our school handled it better than I thought they would,” she said.

Junior Bryce Chin felt differently. “Personally, I didn’t feel stressed. I was in class and I was just playing on my phone. Now that I think about it, I should have been a bit more attentive,” he said.

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