The Wolves are back ready to attack

The 2022-2023 football season has kicked off with the first pep rally of the school year, featuring performances by the Varsity CIF Champion Cheer Team and an announcement regarding the Varsity Football Team roster.

Yesterday during lunch, students gathered around the quad to attend the pre-game pep rally being held by ASB. The event was organized by ASB Spirit Commissioner Alexis Ballesteros. 


At the event, the Varsity CIF Champion Cheer Team gave a choreographed performance accompanied by pop music. Following this performance was the introduction of the Varsity Football Team roster, where the Football Team ran through a human tunnel assembled by the cheerleaders. There was no band present due to the absence of music teacher Mr. Robert Eisenhart. 


“We really wanted to amp up the spirit in our school and represent our team, which we know has been working really hard this year with the new coaches,” Ballesteros said. 


ASB Student-organizer Esther Kim felt the same way.


“We’re here to just uplift everyone,” she said. “I’m hopeful that our school will win, but more than that, I’m hopeful that there’s a big turnout and we’ll just have fun.”


The Cheer Team expressed their satisfaction with how the pep rally went. 


“All the stunts hit, and there was a lot of energy in our team so I think it went pretty well,” senior Kyla Villanueva said.


The team had learned their routine during the summer at cheer camp. 


“We had a private coach teach us the cheer and the whole choreography,” senior Melina Zamora said. 


For Varsity Football Team Captain Gideon Dela Torre, his hopes exceed beyond the prospect of success this season. 


“Honestly, in terms of actually accomplishing anything, we would like to win, obviously,” he said. “But besides that, I want to be able to improve.”


Dela Torre expresses his determination to work hard this season, despite any obstacles. 


“We’re trying our hardest,” he said. “I’m a senior, this is my last year here, so I’ll make sure to play my hardest out there. We’ll always be working no matter what, whether there’s people that don’t go to practice, or people that do go to practice.”


Junior Varsity Football Team Co-captain Nasim Abdul-Malik feels the team has come a long way from the previous school year. 


“They’re way more aggressive and everything,” he said. “Everything’s improved, the defense and the offense. They’re just really good. I’m proud of everybody, all the new people.”