Dancing throughout the campus

❑ PHOTO STORY | “Howl at the Moon”, the winter dance show, took place on Dec. 10 and Dec. 11. The event departed from tradition by not being held in a single venue, but in various spots of the school.

The dance department held their annual winter dance show on Dec. 10 and Dec 11 but this year, there was a twist. 

The dance teachers Ms. Reesa Partida and Ms. Diane Hula wanted to host an experience that was a non-traditional experience for a unique time. Part of the reason for this decision was not a creative one, they believed it would be safer to host a show outside rather than in the auditorium. 

The necessity for a safer venue sparked the idea to allow the audience to engage and interact better with the performers. Different groups of dancers would be stationed at certain locations on campus: the quad, the football field, the bleachers and the cafeteria. Audience members were divided up and led on a journey to experience what every team had to offer at each spot. 

At the football field, two groups provided a contrast between a classic and contemporary pop number. “Singin in the Rain” saw the spotlight on the bleachers, each student equipped with colorful umbrellas. BTS ARMY fans could rejoice at the dance performance to “Dynamite” on the football field. “Friend like me” from the Disney film “Aladdin” also took place on another set of bleachers. Dance company performed a jazz number in the quad. 

“Howl at the Moon” was on a chilly night, but performers and members fought through the chill to enjoy a memorable event on campus.