Dance Company member
Katherine Kipnis

Kipnis reveals how she struts her stuff on the stage and the lessons she’s learned behind the curtains



Katherine Kipnis spent eight years doing rhythmic gymnastics prior to becoming a member of the Dance Company

What made you interested in joining the Dance Company? 

“I always loved dancing and when I saw videos of their performances, I decided I wanted to be a part of the company.”

What is your favorite part about performing?

“I am able to express myself and entertain people. I hope to make a lot of people happy.”

Did you do dance before you got into Dance Company? What was it like when you first joined?

“I did rhythmic gymnastics for eight years, but I also danced for fun around the house as a little kid. Everyone was very sweet and supportive when I first joined.”

What’s the process like preparing for a performance? 

“We practice a lot and focus on different parts of the dances until we perfect them.”

What makes dance important to you? 

“Dance is important to me because it’s a way to help me express myself and let me come out of my shell. It is also one of my main passions, which is why I love it so much.”

How do you ensure you stay strong and fit enough to perform? 

“During warm-ups, we include some workouts to build muscle and cardio to build stamina.”

What do you think are your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a dancer?

“One of my greatest strengths as a dancer is that I am able to perform moves that involve flexibility. One of my greatest weaknesses as a dancer is that I am not always motivated to work hard.”

What has been the most valuable experience for you being in Dance Company? 

“Being on a team is one of the most amazing opportunities. Everyone is very supportive and always open to help when you need it most. Being on a team has taught me to be patient.”