Take Action Campaign hosts canned food drive to give thanks on campus

T.A.C. will collaborate with ASB to donate canned food to a local shelter.



The drive will accept all cans to donate to families on the Thanksgiving holiday.

The flyer has been displayed around campus and on schoology.

The Take Action Campaign (T.A.C.) will be hosting a canned food drive from Nov. 12 to Nov. 18, which is the last day to donate cans. 

Students who bring four or more cans will be entered in a raffle and have a chance to win a free turkey voucher. 

The drive is done in collaboration with ASB and all cans will be donated to a local shelter.

The winner will be announced Friday, Nov. 19. 

Donaters can check in on their Instagram to see the final results and winners.

T.A.C has previously hosted a pumpkin-painting event for Halloween and continue to plan events for students on campus to engage with every holiday.