American families divided over celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here, and the American people are celebrating the holiday in unique ways during the global pandemic.

By Angelina Gevorgyan, Executive Editor

Every year, families across the United States celebrate Labor Day with friends and relatives with picnics, barbeques, parades, firework displays, and other public gatherings. But as proven time and time again, covid-19 has changed this year and made it like no other. 

Labor Day is meant to commemorate the economic and social achievements of American workers. 

With public places gradually reopening but social distancing orders still in place, Americans are divided over how to spend their Labor Day weekend. 

Many individuals are staying cautious and following social distancing rules by wearing masks when leaving their homes. 

However, countless others believe that since public places are reopening, covid-19 will no longer pose a public threat. Consequently, in addition to the warm summer weather, many Americans are visiting the beaches with their friends and families and violating safety regulations while doing so. 

Epidemiologists express their concern that these large groupings might cause another surge in Covid-19 cases, specifically during Labor Day weekend.

This is similar to the increase in U.S. cases following holidays including Memorial Day and the Fourth of July earlier this year.

Whether you are planning to have an intimate barbecue with your family, a relaxing day at the beach with your friends or simply catching up on schoolwork, remember to stay safe this Labor Day weekend.