Tiger King: Big Cats and Lawsuits

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”

By Anahit Sharamatyan, Staff Writer

Tiger King is a documentary following the world of Joe Exotic, an insane zookeeper who owns big cats, loves politics and has problems with the law. It is a long-awaited show by many fans and its debut on Netflix didn’t disappoint Joe Exotic’s fans. Tiger King is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix and claims a spot in the top 10. 

I began to watch Tiger King a couple of weeks after its release. It wasn’t the type of show that had me excited and waiting for its release date so I initially didn’t have high expectations.

After watching the first episode I understood why it was being hyped by many on the internet. Joe Exotic became my favorite just like many other fans and I couldn’t help but binge the entire show of eight episodes because of his attitude and personality. 

Tiger King was not only about a middle-aged man owning a zoo full of exotic animals, but it also included parts of his atypical life. The documentary showed Joe’s presidential campaign in the 2016 election as a libertarian and his campaign later on as Governor of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, not winning these elections put more stress on him and his loved ones.

Joe Exotic’s enemy, Carole Baskin is the owner of Big Cats Rescue,  She quickly became one of the most hated people on the show. Throughout Joe’s career, Carole tried to prevent him from owning tigers and other wild animals. She had a fan base of her own which led to Joe and her having problems on screen which would help the businesses and make them more money.

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A big part of the show was when Carole Baskin’s husband went missing. Joe among many others in the show as well as fans are convinced that Carole actually killed her husband and fed him to her beloved tigers. Although this has not been proven, how can a person just go missing one day and have his close friends and family believe that the wife killed him. 

Joe filed lawsuits against Carole and tried to get her arrested which didn’t work out in his favor. Instead, his so-called former “colleagues” and now owners of G.W Zoo helped in getting Joe arrested. Besides being charged with plotting to kill Carole, he was also charged with other crimes such as selling tiger cubs around the United States.

Joe was sentenced 22 years in prison while Carole who has also done suspicious things is free.

In my opinion, although Joe has committed crimes, I still believe that he is less guilty than Carole. Carole’s case of killing her husband shouldn’t be forgotten because among Joe many fans believe that Carole did kill her husband which makes sense by the evidence that was shown in the show.

Tiger King was one of the most interesting and intriguing shows that I have watched and I hope that a second season comes out where they try to prove that Carole Baskin killed her husband.