More Movies and TV Shows to Cure Quarantine Boredom

Online work isn’t fun. Being quarantined because of a virus isn’t fun either. What is fun, however, is binging so-bad-it’s-good movies and TV shows.

By Beverly Regino, Creative Director

Boredom can drive you crazy. When people are bored with nothing to do, they try to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Maybe they would pour salt on snails to understand why they shrink or maybe they photoshop a shrimp with Black Air Forces. Or maybe they watch so-bad-that-it’s-good movies. 

Hey, we need to figure out ways to pass the time while in quarantine. So why not go through bingeable and funny low-rated movies and TV shows- with some good ones thrown in the mix as well.

The Drone

Available on Amazon Prime

The Drone is exactly what emphasizes that feeling to quench boredom using weirdness. It’s a horror comedy about a “Chucky-like” incident concerning a serial killer transferring his soul in the last moments of his life. However, instead of a doll, he transfers it into a drone. 

Yes, a drone. 

Now in his new robotosized body, he terrorizes a newlywed couple, the wife being his ex-girlfriend. 

The Drone is an interesting horror movie filled with plot-holes and questionable choices. However, it is very entertaining to watch. It isn’t a masterpiece, yes, yet the whole movie manages to keep the audience’s attention for its entire hour and a half run. It’s entertaining, funny, and- it’s a bad movie, no doubt.

But watching this movie might be the best decision ever. 

The Prince of Tennis Match! Tennis Juniors

Available on Netflix

For fans of Asian dramas, The Prince of Tennis Match! Tennis Juniors, is a bingeable show on Netflix. 

Following the son of a tennis legend, Lu Xia is a tennis prodigy that lost the passion that led him to the sport in the first place. After returning from studying abroad, Lu Xia joins his high school tennis team where his teammates help him rediscover his lost passion.

For those that have way too much time, The Prince of Tennis Match! Is the perfect TV Show to binge. No, it’s not a timeless TV comedy like the Office. With its so-bad-it’s-good editing and awful character choices it might as well be as funny as the Office. Especially if you’re observant and notice plot-holes or bad acting, it’s a very entertaining show to watch with tennis matches that has any tennis veteran hitting their head against a table. 

However, despite its very noticeable flaws, it’s a show with many laughs.

The Umbrella Academy 

Available on Netflix

Golden superhero shows such as Teen Titans and the Justice League were the past. They were also considered for children. Now, The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original that seeks to bring back that excitement Superhero TV shows brought.for children, however with the thought of an adult audience. 

It was around Oct. 1, 1989 when 43 women gave birth simultaneously despite the fact that they did not show signs of being pregnant. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of them and turns them into a superhero team with the powers they were born with. After the death of their father, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus (Who is also accompanied by the ghost of their dead brother, Ben), Number Five, And Vanya, finally reunite to solve the mystery of their father-figure’s death. 

The Umbrella Academy is a DC comic adaptation that is filled with amazing plot, memorable characters and a banger soundtrack.Honestly, who wouldn’t love a show about a dysfunctional family of an abusive father, seven “siblings”, a monkey butler and a robot mom? A TV show about a man with superhuman strength fused with an ape, a man with a ‘batman’ like mindset and can curve the trajectory of anything he throws, a woman who can brainwash anyone, a drug-addict who uses his addiction to suppress his ability to see ghosts, a 58-year-old time traveling assassin stuck in his 15-year-old body, a dead brother who can summon monsters from his body and a dysfunctional violinist with no superpowers. Oh yeah- and they’re also being chased by a time-traveling agency that tries to kill the siblings for going against Armageddon. 

Really what’s not to love. This show is interesting, entertaining, weird and so fun to watch. 

The Twilight Saga

Available on Amazon Prime

Many know The Twilight Saga and the adventures of the very questionable couple: Bella Swan and the white, glittery, vampire, Edward Cullen. While it made a surge of internet memes and criticism in the 2010s, what happens if it gets a rewatch? 

Each movie follows Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen as their relationship grows and the tension between werewolves and vampires strengthen. 

With a fresh mind and a new decade, it’s fun to pick out small things and question major plot choices. Why did Jacob take off his shirt before revealing he’s a werewolf? Why did Bella think it was such a good idea to name her kid after the combined names of her mother and Edward’s mother’s names? Why are Jasper and Rosalie dating their adopted siblings?

Maybe, if you’re bored enough- grab a couple of friends through Zoom or skype and watch the Twilight saga together. Eat a saltine cracker with the hottest sauce you can find each time a scene makes you cringe. 

Batman TV Show

Available on Youtube and Amazon Prime Video.

Most will agree that Batman was ruined by the movies. That, while the comics, the animated Batman Tv Show, and the Dark Knight Trilogy produced by Christopher Nolan were the only exception, the other retirations of Batman were either boring or too cheesy. 

The 1960s Batman TV Show follows the daily life of Batman and Robin as they patrol Gotham City to fight evildoers as the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and Egghead.

The 1960s Batman TV Show was one of the earliest comic to screen adaptations of Batman. It’s criticized as one of the cheesiest and while most people cringe at cheesy TV shows, this show just makes the audience laugh.Comical plot twists and laughably good acting adorn this show. 

With three seasons to boot, the show is a good watch. 


Available on Netflix

BEASTARS features a world like Disney movie ‘Zootopia’ where Prey and Predator coexist. Legoshi, a large gray wolf, is a student of Cherryton Academy and member of the drama club. A wave of uncertainty and distrust wavers between the prey and predator students when Tem the alpaca is murdered and devoured at night. Meanwhile, Legoshi develops feelings for a dwarf rabbit named Haru. 

With the weird fact that the anime features human-like animals, many people are weary of the show and it’s features of “Furries,” an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics. However, despite being a show about animals, it has a lot to say about humans. Looking past the furry aspect, it has a great plot of romance with a splash of a  murder mystery.

Pretty Much It

Available on their Youtube Channel: Pretty Much It

Pretty Much It is a youtube commentary series covering all sorts of movies. From Jaw -droppingly amazing to laughably bad movies and TV-Shows, hosts Eric Striffler & Jacob Shao provide hilarious commentary on their Youtube Channel, “Pretty Much It.” 

While their full commentary is only available to donors on Patreon, their Youtube is already filled with amazing, hilarious highlights from said commentary. The comedic duo jokes on each movie and TV show, whether good or bad and is honestly great to binge.

They’ve covered the Saw movies, any Will Smith movies, and even weird movies such as Howard the Duck. Either way, no matter how scary, how dramatic, how bad the movie is, they cover it all. 

It’s easily accessible and an easy show to binge.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Available on Amazon Prime and their Youtube Channel: Buzzfeed Unsolved Network.

Buzzfeed is usually known for their awful, laughably quizzes and weird, questionable content on their Youtube.

Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane MadejBuzzfeed Unsolved, is a Youtube Documentary series, a hilarious take on both Supernatural cases and famous unsolved true crime. 

Buzzfeed unsolved is a breath of fresh air when it comes to weird buzzfeed content. However, it doesn’t take itself seriously. With Ryan and Shane being the star of the show, Buzzfeed unsolved is an amazing show to binge. 

It also has two versions: Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural (For those who enjoy paranormal ghost hunting) and Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime (For fans of murder mystery and unsolved true crime). 

Despite the amount of information this show can provide to help students for their next history class, it is also hilarious with the chemistry and banter the hosts have with each other, especially when ghost enthusiast Ryan and skeptic Shane sleep in demon infested homes or ghost-filled boats. 

It’s informational, fun to watch and great background noise when doing online work.