Abbey Ricklmann: One Step At a Time



Ms. Abbey Rickelmann, a substitute from Conejo Hill Valley High School, is bringing her experience in Science and Chemistry to Van Nuys High.

By Stefanie Tyo

Another new science teacher is bringing her experience teaching at a private school to Van Nuys High.

A substitute at Conejo Hill Valley High School, last year, Ms. Abbey Rickelmann taught Science and Chemistry for three years at Santa Monica Catholic High School, a private school in Santa Monica.

She is teaching Honors Chemistry and Integrated Coordinated Sciences (ICS).

Her route to a teaching career began with an interest in medicine.

When she first transferred to California Polytechnic State University in 2009 as a Chemistry major, she planned on entering the medical field. She discovered she was interested in Forensics, so she changed her major. But since she needed an extra quarter to get her new degree, she decided to apply for a teaching credential as a way to qualify for financial aid.

She had already discovered that she was a natural at teaching because she tutored her peers at Cal Poly. After getting her undergraduate degree, Ms. Rickelmann made the decision to pursue teaching.

5 years later, she has landed at Van Nuys High School.

Her current teaching philosophy is simple. “My goal is to take this slow and one step at a time, and just do what I do,” said Ms. Rickelmann.

“After everything, I don’t see myself wanting anything else.”