Mr. Evan Zekofsky: Accounting For Everyone



Mr. Evan Zekofsky begins a new chapter in his career as the new Title III Immigrant Newcomer Counselor.

By Kayla Lee, Editor in Chief

After being in the Magnet Office as a counselor for the Medical Magnet for 11 years, Mr. Evan Zekofsky began a new chapter in his career this semester as the Newcomer Counselor.

He is officially called the Title III Immigrant Newcomer Counselor. His new job is to aid students who’ve lived in the United States for three years or less make a smoother transition.

“They are English learners, and in this position, I get to help those students integrate into the education system here and help them academically, emotionally, socially, etc. to fit in better at this school,” Mr. Zekovsky said.

Now located in 119A, Mr. Zekofsky says that he’s adapting well to his new workspace. While his new job is focused more on coordinating events and working with a smaller, different population, he isn’t doubtful of the support he’ll offer them. “I wanted to grow and learn different things,” he said. “I get to stay at this school, so if you guys need to find me to help with something, know that I’m around. That was my compromise.”

As a young man, Mr. Zekofsky grew up raising exotic birds, getting his first one when he was 10 years old. He was obsessed with the sciences and ornithology in particular—the study of birds and their behavior. “I would build huge aviaries,” he said, “and I think when I left high school I had about 65 birds.”

When he graduated from high school, he became a social science major studying anthropology leading him on the path to the counseling profession. Initially, he did therapeutic counseling but discovered he enjoyed academic counseling more.

“I do miss my students, and I want to make sure that they’re supported even though I’m not there,” said Mr. Zekofsky. He has a great relationship with Ms. Nora Kayserian, the new Magnet counselor and anytime she has questions, he works with her and provides support, so he is confident that students are in good hands.

In his new position, Mr. Zekofsky wants to make sure he can assist his new students. “The fear is always ‘Am I going to miss somebody? Is someone going to fall through the cracks?’ But I try my best to make sure I account for everybody,” he said.