New Magnet Counselor Is Inspired by Students



Ms. Nora Kayserian is the new Math/Science and Medical Magnet counselor for last names R-Z.

By Margarita Hovsepyan

With scheduling conflicts and mixups, the beginning of the school year is usually the most challenging time for a counselor. Imagine also having to make the transition to a new job.

Hopefully, things have slowed down a bit for Ms. Nora Kayserian the new Math/Science and Medical Magnet counselor for last names R-Z at Van Nuys High School.

Ms. Kayserian picks up where her predecessor Mr. Evan Zekofsky left off to take another position at the school.

Wanting to create a true impact in the world, Ms. Kayserian was drawn to her discipline by her love for human interaction and society, majoring in psychology in college. Another draw was the flexibility and the variety of future paths that a major in psychology offered.  

Towards the end of college, Ms. Kayserian worked on a research study with her professor about bullying, which prompted her to decide to go into the educational field.

Wanting to gain experience in schools, she began working as an instructional assistant for special education teachers. Working closely with teachers, counselors, school psychologists and students with autism, she eventually realized that counseling was the right fit for her.

Before taking her position at Van Nuys High School, Ms. Kayserian worked at a private school in the San Fernando Valley. She strongly believes that public education is a cornerstone of democracy, but “the school didn’t align with my values, like public education.”

Ultimately she made the move because she wanted to “work with more diverse groups of students and faculty members.”

Her favorite part of her job is the enrichment process from student-to-counselor and counselor-to-student.

According to Ms. Kayserian, the students inspire her and help her grow. She hopes to reciprocate that as their guide through high school into college and adult life.

Although the move from a small private school to a large public school can be overwhelming, the friendly environment of Van Nuys High is making her adjustment a smooth one.

Ms. Kayserian concludes “I’m looking forward to getting to know my students a little bit better and helping them.”