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Some parents and stakeholders opposed the strike, citing lost educational time for students, while others supported the workers demands. Despite this, critics believe that the strike was successful, when considering the outcomes for SEIU union members.

The pros of the LAUSD strike (it was worth it)

By Destiny Reveles, Staff Writer Mar 24, 2023
LAUSD school staff strike for better wages and work environment: a call for recognition of their essential role in the education system. Despite criticisms, the strike shedd light on inadequate compensation and working conditions of school staff.
OVER AT LAST: The three-day strike is over, but critics question whether the pros of the strike truly outweight the cons.

The cons of LAUSD going on strike

By Docette Danialypour, Staff Writer Mar 24, 2023
The recent three-day strike by LAUSD teachers and staff for better wages has sparked mixed reactions among stakeholders. While some see it as a necessary step towards addressing the long-standing issue of underpaid education workers, others argue that it was not worth the cost of missed learning.
The contract, which was years in the making, will give wage increases and appreciation bonuses for SEIU employees.

BREAKING NEWS: SEIU Local 99 and LAUSD reach tentative deal with pay raises, bonuses, and health benefits

By Baron Kim, Staff Mar 24, 2023
After a cold and rainy three-day strike, the SEIU Local 99 members finally reached an agreement with the LAUSD board on March 24.
LAUSD staff members carry umbrellas while quickly running across the street while dressed in red.

Still striking: Teachers stand strong on day two of walkout.

By Lindsay Han and Baron Kim Mar 22, 2023
While students were cooped up at home, the teachers and staff at Van Nuys High School could be seen rallying. Many faculty members could be seen wearing red, showing the union's coordination.
Hundreds of LAUSD staff members make a sea of red while huddling together in the rainy weather. A faculty member happily holds up a peace sign.

Class dismissed: teachers take to the streets on first day of strike

By Lindsay Han and Baron Kim Mar 21, 2023
Teachers and service workers alike were seen rallying on the streets, despite the rainy conditions. Talks began between SEIU Local 99 and LAUSD.
The L.A. zoo offers captivating exhibits for a plethora of animals.

L.A. Zoo, NHMLAC and La Brea Tar Pits offer free admission to students

By Baron Kim, Staff Mar 20, 2023
Prominent L.A. exhibits began offering free admission to LAUSD students starting March 20 due to the three-day strike.
LAUSD unionized employees rallied for better wages on Wednesday, Mar. 15.

School strike looms

By Mia Ramirez, Staff Mar 17, 2023
A three-day strike is planned by UTLA and SEIU Local 99 to shut down LAUSD schools. The unions accuse the district of illegal anti union activity and bad faith negotiations.
Teachers across Los Angeles rally to demand a significant increase in their pay.

Teachers and service workers hold massive rally

By Mia Ramirez, Staff Mar 16, 2023
Thousands of unionized LAUSD workers showed up at a downtown event to demand higher pay and better working conditions.
Due to the lack of support to teachers, they are going on strike against LAUSD.

Demanding change from the district

By Mia Ramirez, Staff Mar 10, 2023
Multiple members of LAUSD’s school staff plan to go on strike some time in March in order to have their demands heard by the district.
Shano and Osorio

UTLA-LAUSD Agreement: What Do Our Teachers Think?

By Lucas Shim Mar 9, 2019
The teachers of Van Nuys share their own opinions about the UTLA strike and agreement.
The Wolfpack staff continues to stand strong, campaigning for reform in their district.

UTLA Strike Timeline

By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive Editor & Print Editor-in-Chief Feb 11, 2019

Jan 12, 2017 UTLA makes their first proposal for smaller class sizes, a raise in teacher salaries, academic freedom and responsibility for teachers. Jan 26, 2017 UTLA made a proposal on teacher transfers...

Van Nuys teachers picket in front of the school the first day of the strike, January 14.

UTLA Strike Over

By Zoe Rodriguez Jan 22, 2019
More than a week since UTLA members first left their classrooms, the district and union have finally settled.
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