Trump’s Harsh Truth


Trump’s Harsh Truth

TRUMP: Why Donald Trump’s “sh–hole” comment was justified.

By Holden Mandell
January 21, 2018

Donald Trump’s controversial language used in a private meeting has sparked a hailstorm across social media and every news network.

Trump allegedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and nations in Africa as “sh–hole countries” during a private meeting last week. The mainstream media plastered Trump’s comments all over various news platforms, calling him a racist.

A UN human rights spokesman, Rupert Colville, responded to Trump’s comments by saying, “You cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as ‘shholes,’ whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome.”

But Trump never said Haitians and Africans are not welcome to the USA because of their skin color. His words have been twisted, making him look like a racist.

The left has accused Trump of saying that if your country is dominated by people of color, then it is automatically a sh–hole.

The fact is that Trump never said anything close to that.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island and the same races, yet Haiti is an impoverished and crime driven country versus the Dominican Republic— a lower crime and wealthier country that sees high tourism. On Trump’s world map Haiti is a sh–hole, and the Dominican Republic is not.

The truth is that many countries are pretty bad places to live, such as African nations, Caribbean Islands, and many Asian countries. These countries will also have more trouble assimilating into the USA than a Western European country would, because of shared values.

This is not the black and white issue the left has made it out to be that.

Thursday on CNN, National Review editor Rich Lowry asked CNN contributor Joan Walsh whether she would rather live in Norway or Haiti. She could not decide. It is not a hard decision: Haiti’s murder rate is 219/10,000 versus Norway’s 0.56/10,000. Haiti’s GDP per capita is $739 versus Norway’s $70,812,00.

Thus, in a grander scope, Norway is a more desirable place to be. But this is not because of its population’s skin color, rather the economic strength and stability it possesses in comparison to Haiti.

The State of West Virginia is 90% white, yet it is considered one of the worst states of the U.S. This isn’t a matter of race, but of government.

The people of the Congo are no different from the people of North Carolina, it is their governments and public officials that differ considerably.

The reason why the west is seeing so many African and Latin American immigrants is that they are fleeing unstable countries. If that wasn’t the case, then El Salvador would not need 17 years of protected status and their migrants in the U.S. would be sent home immediately.

The fact is that some countries have more trouble assimilating than others. For this reason, Japan sees more tourism than the Central African Republic and an Englishman will assimilate better than a Tanzanian.

Trump also suggested that we should bring in more people from Norway rather than African Nations. Saying you can not come to the USA because of your nationality is bigoted, but suggesting other countries might provide better and easier-to-assimilate immigrants is not. A man from the oppressive Iranian regime should be able to immigrate as a citizen of free Canada. Selectiveness is good.

Trump is saying let’s not import people from impoverished countries because it is not the USA’s responsibility to relieve undesirable countries. He is saying let’s import easier to assimilate and skilled people like Western Europeans and East Asians.

East Asians are not white, yet Trump supports their immigration.

Trump is not a racist. His choice of wording was not formal nor polite, it was offensive.

But Trump spoke truthfully and factually. He said what many people think but are too scared to say.

His words rallied his base and showed that Trump can make his opposition literally cry.

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Holden Mandell is currently an opinion writer for The Mirror. He joined journalism in his junior year and has been part of journalism for a little over a semester.

Holden enjoys debating politics and culture with friends and its impacts on society. He has fun playing video games like League of Legends. Holden identifies as a libertarian with many mainstream conservative values. In his spare time he takes interest to listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos, and play video games with his friends.

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