PSAT Season at Van Nuys




PSAT Season at Van Nuys

Sharpened #2 pencils, scantron sheets, and anxious faces. These are the signs of the big upcoming test at Van Nuys High School. The annual PSAT, which will be taken by 200 9th graders, hundreds of 11th graders, and all 10th graders, will be administered on Wednesday Oct. 11, prompting the school to have block schedule on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The principal, Ms. Yolanda Gardea, is footing the bill for 200 9th graders to take the test,” said Magnet Coordinator Ms. Dawn Brown. “Technically, the school is also paying for the 11th graders. LAUSD is paying for all 10th graders.” Ms Brown will coordinate the exam along with College Counselor, Ms. Mary Charlton.

On Oct. 11, students will report to periods 1, 4, and 6, and to balance it out, on Oct. 12, students will report to periods 2, 3, and 5. 11th grade students will be testing in the Big Gym, 10th grade students in the Small Gym and various classrooms, and 9th grade students in the lecture Hall and various classrooms. The 11th grade students are taking this test to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship award of $2,500. To qualify, students need to score above the score index which will be calculated from all of the results from California.

Marc Cortes on October 8, 2017

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