Review: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

By Madison Brown

The Mirror Staff

“John hosts a very clean show, one you will not soon regret if you give it a chance.”


A British Man Talks American Politics

March 16, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT : A“Last Week Tonight” gives viewers a humorous break from hyper-intense politics.

When you hear the name John Oliver, what comes to your head? A vague blur of a british mess, maybe? Or, of course, the thought of that one guy who mercilessly went after Donald Trump during an intense election season? Possibly even a slightly confused, ‘Who?’

The man is actually the host of “Last Week Tonight,” which is heading into it’s fourth hard-hitting season.

Unless you’re interested in the world’s political climate and issues, you’ll probably avoid the genre of angry ranting in a highly political manner.

Actually though, you might not want to make this mistake.

John Oliver is known for many things—a host for “The Late Show,” a recurring character in “Community”—but he’s most popular for his hilarious jokes directed at President Trump, including “President Drumpf” and the running gag about Trump’s alleged tiny hands.

“Last Week Tonight” has given Oliver a permanent place to express his political intellect whilst giving us a humorous break from the intensity of politics.

We’ve seen in many episodes from past seasons where he can keep on the same subjects for as long as he needs to. Last season he dedicated an entire episode to the housing crisis and automobile controversies.

I would say it was one of his best topics, the episode both hilarious and worrisome, a work that could be considered a beautifully-crafted masterpiece of late night television.

As a modern person, I believe that we should always be trying to grow and learn about what’s around us. As American high school students, we need to know about our own country and world, especially in our current, ever-changing political climate.

It’s important we stay educated and focus on learning, something “Last Week Tonight” is good at reminding us in its own subtle way.

Now, Oliver and his writers are taking a different approach.

They’ll be focusing less on President Trump–despite the first two episodes being focused on the 45th President’s actions (and how dangerous they can be). Of course, this is completely fair, when you consider how often Trump and his staff makes newsworthy decisions.

Oliver hosts a very clean show, one you will not regret if you give it a chance.

Every Sunday, I’m definitely eager to watch. A knowledge of and appreciation towards news outlets can—and should—be gained, even if it’s from an ecstatic and seemingly manic bushy-browed man.

It’s important to have a dependable informant, especially when that source encourages telling the full truth and tries its best to be impartial.

Finding principled and truthful news sources is hard these days because of all of the fake news and undependable websites that are fabricating and creating stories. Oliver’s show is a wonderful place to start—but don’t be afraid to keep digging.



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