Sweden, Trump and Immigration

By Jack Beckman-Smith

The Mirror Staff


Sweden’s Great Multicultural Experiment

March 9, 2017

OPINION: The country is suffering from their open door immigration policy.

In a recent press conference, President Donald Trump said, “What’s happening in Sweden last night,” and the mainstream media went crazy over this tiny little statement. Insisting Trump made up some sort of terrorist attack, many news sites have discredited his statement and acted as if nothing is going on in Sweden at all.

In reality, that’s far from true. Trump may or may not have been referencing a terrorist attack in Sweden, which there hasn’t been in recent years. However, there has been an enormous spike in crime in Sweden, and riots have plagued cities like Malmo and Stockholm.

According to Danish historian Lars Hederaad and Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, since Sweden’s parliament took a multicultural stance and began taking in immigrants in the 1970s, the nation’s violent crime has gone up by 300%, and rape has gone up by 1,472%.

As Trump later went on to say, he was referencing statistics he heard on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

So what is Trump talking about, and what do these statistics show?

The answer is pretty straightforward and simple. Sweden has taken a large number of unvetted refugees, mainly from Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East and Africa, and now they’re getting burned for it.

Population in cities in Sweden like Malmo are almost 50% immigrant and are experiencing giant spikes in crime. As Trump mentioned before, no-go zones similar to those in France and Germany exist—areas where police can’t enter at all. These migrants even attack the ambulances that come to pick up the people they stab and leave dying on the streets.

Sweden, previously a fairly homogenous country, has taken it upon themselves to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees from nations culturally dissimilar from their own, such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and Algeria. Even fellow European nations like Russia, Kosovo, and Albania have sent their people as asylum seekers.

Many of these people don’t speak Swedish, let alone English. These people have taken up residence in government housing and leech off the Swedish government. Many once claimed they’d only help Sweden’s economy and support the nation’s failing economy, but that isn’t happening.

According to Sweden’s employment agency and immigration officials, only 494 of 163,000 “asylum seekers” have gotten jobs. The sad part is, so many of these asylum seekers are of working age. In 2015, according to the Pew Research Center, 83% of asylum seekers were below 35.

You may be thinking, “Well, they’re taking in young kids as refugees.” Well, those numbers are significantly lower than you think. According to the same Pew research, only around 30% of those migrants in 2015 were below 18, many of whom could be lying about their ages, as thousands have across Europe, to gain educational benefits.

These healthy, young, working-age individuals have come from across the world to leech off the Swedish system that the virtue-signalling Swedish parliament has set up for them. Instead of helping their own nation, rebuilding their cities, and sticking with their families, they choose to come to a foreign nation, subvert their host’s culture and replace it with their own, all while enjoying a fat sum of welfare benefits their entire stay.

Many of these peoples are seeking asylum from countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran and even Russia—countries that are doing fine in comparison to Syria, a place with actual problems. Yet, these people come to take advantage of the naive Swedes along with the rest of the EU.

These people drain their own nations of labor and manpower while draining gullible nations of their money and subverting their culture. They leave wide swaths of crime with women suffering the brunt of it. It’s time to stop these open-border, unvetted refugee policies and start helping the real people in need—those in war-torn nations like Syria.

Importing refugees won’t solve the problem, fixing Syria will. Sweden’s policies have broken Sweden, and haven’t fixed Syria, and we need to learn from their failures.



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