Filming Spider-Man/Dell Commercial at School

By Keshan Huang

The Mirror

By Khrista Sayo

The Mirror Staff

By Elissa Choi

The Mirror Staff

“Van Nuys High School has that ‘classic high school look,’ said Producer Matthew.”


Filming Spider-Man/Dell Commercial at School


March 2, 2017

CAMPUS NEWS: Spider-Man is seen gliding through the front of Van Nuys High School and in the classroom as Peter Parker as part of a Dell commercial.

Spider-Man flew into action on a school bus in front of Van Nuys High School on March 2 as part of the filming for a Dell commercial, partnering with the upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In addition to the front of the school, Park Pictures, hired by Dell, used room 113 in the main building as part of their set.

According to an anonymous source from the film crew, Van Nuys High School is beautiful and has the facade they are looking for. The producers also knew about this location because the ‘80s teen comedy movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” was filmed here.

When asked about why Van Nuys High School was chosen, one of the producers, Matthew, said that it has the “classic high school look.”

“It’s always different. The new things.. the new people… the constant change — being off-kilter,” said Urie, all of which are things that he enjoys about filming.

“I like to be out on set — see how it comes together,” said Producer Matthew.

The cast for the commercial included no-name talents from the Screen Actors Guild labor union.

The classroom, where Peter Parker was featured, also gave off the vibe of a “typical high school.”

After this one-day production at VNHS, Park Pictures will send their material to New York for the post-production process, which will take around seven to eight weeks.

The computer company is expected to release a new Dell laptop that targets the needs of high school students, displayed by a special high school student, Spider-Man’s human counterpart Peter Parker.

The commercial is set to release before Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will premiere on July 7, 2017.