Abnormal Absence Rate on Day Without Immigrants

February 17, 2017

CAMPUS NEWS: Possible Boycott? By Tyler Jung

Van Nuys High School had an unusually large number of absences on Thursday, Feb. 16. Students and teachers seemed to notice that the campus was a little “light” compared to normal school days.

“There were a lot more absences today than usual,” said Ms. Judith Bakenhus. “Teachers reported an unusual ‘light’ campus today especially during lunch.”

Ms. Bakenhus also said that the primary cause of absences cannot be ascertained until she examines the uncleared absence notes she will receive later. “But it can be assumed that ‘The Day Without Immigrants’ is the primary reason.”

“The Day Without Immigrants” called all undocumented residents, citizens, and immigrants to boycott daily activities on Thursday, Feb. 16. It was trending in social media with the hashtag #TheDayWithoutImmigrants and was started because of President Trump’s recent immigration bans.

Participants were asked to not attend work, shop online or in stores, eat at restaurants, or purchase gasoline. Parents were also discouraged by the movement from sending their children to school.

LAUSD has also sent a call to LAUSD families the night before informing them about the situation and encouraging to stay in school instead of participating. However, the call still emphasized respecting everyone’s beliefs and perspectives.